My first blog post – Here goes nothing!

I’m Leah, stay at home mum to 18 month old Roo (affectionate name, his name isn’t that quirky…unfortunately) and wife to Mr MaxiMumsy.  For the last year and a half I’ve been thigh deep in MaxiMumming aka pouring my heart and soul into motherhood, raising this wonderful little boy.  I’ve finally gained some clarity now I’m starting to get a little sleep (I know I shouldn’t talk too soon, it may spook and go away again) and finally I feel like I need to get myself back on track.

As a former midwife and now mum of one, this blog will share the ups and downs, lessons learnt and pearls of wisdom from way too many trials and errors on a journey to find the balance between myself and motherhood.

So here I am MaxiMumsy, trying to maximise my potential and life as a woman, wife and mother and figure out who I am (I’ve only recently found out they’re not mutually exclusive, who knew!).

I truly believe we can be everything to the people we love without giving everything of ourselves.

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