Day 7 post plan – what now?

The toddler managed to stay in his cot until 5:50am, which wasn’t too bad I guess.  I thought he may have been so shattered from yesterday’s swimming that he would sleep in, no such luck.  He was up and monkeying around, climbing on the back of the sofa and showing off his impressive balancing skills.

I grabbed some porridge with cinnamon and strawberries, which didn’t look particularly appetising, but tasted lovely.  Porridge funnily enough wouldn’t be my first choice for breakfast anymore, which it would have been previously.  Now I would much rather have something lighter and less carby, but given the lack of granola and Greek yoghurt this morning, it was  porridge or toast and porridge seemed like the lesser of two evils.

We had no plans for today, but knew we wanted to get out and about, so we consulted our trusty tube map.  When we moved to London 16 months ago, I was a newbie to living in London, unlike hubby who was born here and moved back here after uni.  In a bid to encourage me to get out and about on the tube, hubby bought a tube map poster and put it on the wall to encourage me to get to know the lines and area.  It actually really helped and I’m completely at ease with the transport system now, confidently travelling anywhere alone (well with the toddler).  We consulted the map and looked for somewhere that was on our to do list but neither of us had visited.  We settled on Hampstead, as hubby had been going on about going there since we moved, but he always made it just sound like a big field which was really far away, so I was never thrilled at the prospect.  Today however, I relented.

We hopped on tubes and trains and finally got to Hampstead, which was far less fieldy than I had expected.  The toddler insisted on getting out of the buggy and posing infront of a pub wall.

After the toddler was finished posing, we managed to get him into the buggy and went on a walking tour of Hampstead, which hubby found online.  He was directing us up and down beautiful but random streets and managed to take us to a dead end at one point.  Despite me stating 3 times on the way down the street that I was pretty sure this was a dead end.  By this stage the toddler had fallen asleep, a couple of hours later than his normal nap time, but at least he was asleep now.  We continued walking, grabbing some lunch along the way and sitting in a graveyard that hubby wanted to visit.  I ate my pasta salad as he wandered around the historic graves of famous or important people (can you tell which of the two of us is the history buff?).

After lunch, with the toddler still asleep, we kept walking and made our way to Hampstead Heath, where the toddler woke up and ate the little bit of my pasta salad I had left for him.  We sat and watched the ducks and had a little wander around the park.  The toddler insisted on getting out of the buggy and having a run around, but the ground was so uneven that he tripped on a bump and fell.  He was ok but he was very upset and just wanted cuddled, so we thought it best to get on the train and head towards home.


We decided to stop off at Westfield on the way home, as it seemed a little early to head home just yet.  We had a nice walk around and ambled around the shops. It’s my birthday next week so the toddler went to pick out my birthday present.

We stumbled across Future Forest, a special event in the centre.  There was a zip wire going across the atrium, some exhibitions and fruit cloud, which was a bizarre looking smoke filled room.

Given there was a massive queue for the zip wire and none for the fruit cloud, we went with the cloud.  Hubby and I had to take it in turns as the toddler was too little to partake.  We had to don plastic hooded macs and were advised we wouldn’t be able to see a thing when we got in there, which was a little worrying given there were other people in there.  Hubby went first and said it was very strange but that I had to give it a go.  So removing my watch and phone I donned my stunning green mac and ventured in.  I walked into a small hallway the  through plastic sheeting into the main room.  The guy really wasn’t joking, I literally couldn’t see my hands in front of my face.  The smoke or steam was filling my lungs with apple flavour I could taste as I breathed it in.  It was an extremely bizarre sensation to be so aware of the apple taste in the air.  I managed to somehow make my way to a window and saw hubby and the toddler outside.  I made my way back through the smog and somehow found my way out, after bumping into a few people along the way.

We headed home via the supermarket and at one point we turned around and the toddler was attempting to pick up a watermelon.  It was the cutest thing.

Back home again, the toddler was trying to put off bedtime by insisting on changing the nappy on  Bruce the koala.  It was adorable he knew the process, even wetting cotton wool and wiping the koala before drying him with the towel and trying to put the nappy on him.


With the toddler finally finished getting the koala ready for bed, we got the toddler to bed too and while I was feeding the toddler, hubby made burgers with Brussels sprouts and corn on the cob, which was strangely satisfying.  Such simple things have now become such a treat in comparison to what we had been eating before.  We settled down for a relaxing evening, as it had turned out to be quick a busy and exhausting day after all, given how much walking we had done.



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