4 week holiday bod – Day 2

We had a very rude awakening at 2.15am from the screaming delinquent that is the toddler.  He was irate, but there was no way on earth he would have gone back to sleep if we went near him, so it was a case of trying to let him settle himself back to sleep again, which was difficult on all of us.  Eventually, after what seemed like hours but in actual fact probably wasn’t that long at all, he managed to drift off again.  Of course by this time, I was wide awake and completely unable to get back to sleep again.  So utterly exhausted, I couldn’t face the prospect of actually getting up, so chose the lazy option of trying desperately to will myself back to sleep again.  Typically, every time I came remotely close to falling asleep again, the toddler would have another outburst and I would jolt awake full of tension.  It was not the easiest three hours I’ve ever had as the toddler woke at 5.30am absolutely adamant he was getting up this time.  I dragged my sorry self out of bed and was greeted by the loveliest, smiley little ray of sunshine imaginable (oh how looks could be deceiving).  Climbing back into bed with him for a feed, I had hoped we could both have a little nap, but the toddler was full of beans after his feed and just wanted to torture me some more.  It was when I received a rather serious facial clawing that I figured it was time to force myself out of bed.

I had planned on working out this morning, but given how rubbish I now felt after my forced early start, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, so decided to defer my workout to tomorrow.  I also decided pretty quickly that this was going to be a cosy up and stay at home day for the toddler and I, as I just really couldn’t be bothered with anything today.  I was making the toddler some cinnamon porridge and decided it looked nice, so made myself a bowl too and served it with raspberries, which was lovely initially, but was more carbs in one go than I was used to, so ended up making me feel even more sluggish (great, just what I needed).  I vegetated with the toddler on the sofa watching CBeebies until it was his nap time so prised myself up and out the door with the toddler for our walk in the park.  It seemed like a struggle just to push the buggy around and I kept losing concentration on my audiobook, it was just not my day.  With the toddler asleep, I stumbled back upstairs with the buggy in hand and practically collapsed back down on the sofa in a heap.  Much as I knew I needed to write, my brain just wasn’t functioning, though I still kept trying to focus, but ended up procrastinating and wasting time messing around on the internet instead.  The toddler slept for just under 2 hours, which would have been fantastic, had it been any other day, but today it wouldn’t have been long enough even if he’d have slept for 4 hours.

Thankfully he was at least in a good mood when he woke (much better than his mother).  I made a big plate of cheesy scrambled eggs with peas and sweetcorn for us to share for lunch, which was nice.  Although it did mean I had to clean up smooshed peas from the rug afterwards, which was not so nice.  I decided that if we were going to have a day at home, then I at least should try and clean the place a little, make me feel like I’d at least achieved something today.  There was a load of wet washing still in the machine having finished last night, so I put it on to dry and went about tidying.  I noticed actual cobwebs on our fancy coffee maker, that I bought coffee obsessed hubby for his birthday, only to have him do the 90 day SSS plan and flipping give up coffee!  So it’s been laying dormant for the last 3 months, completely unused and unloved.  I still drink decaf so I guess I could use decaf beans and start making myself lattes again every now and then, in some attempt to make use of the very expensive coffee maker.  After busying myself trying to create some order in the chaos, I heard the washer dryer click to signal the end of the cycle.  I thought it had been a little quick but thought I had just lost all concept of time today, given my tiredness.  I had another load to put on, so opened the door and water flooded out all over my feet, crap! It took me a second to realise what was happening before I jolted and firmly closed the door on the machine again.  I checked the cycle and it was definitely on dry, I couldn’t understand how it was full of water and wasn’t dry.  I put the dial to drain, but the machine just made chugging noises as if to say, I know what you’re trying to do, but it just isn’t going to happen.  I then noticed an error code flash up on the display so quickly googled it, it seemed to be a problem with the motor mechanism (or something like that), so the machine was trying to go, but just couldn’t, great.  I send hubby a message giving him the lowdown so he could contact our landlord and hopefully get it sorted asap.  I was aware that we were going away for a long weekend in a few days, so really needed to get some washing done before then, what luck.

I decided to walk away from the kitchen as it was just further worsening my mood, being in there.  Instead I went to hang out with the toddler, who was dragging his giant stuffed elephant, Peanut, around.

I decided to have a rummage around and try to find some of the older toys that the toddler hasn’t played with for a while.  It’s amazing how he has so many toys, but only plays with a select few on a daily basis.  It probably doesn’t help that we have one of those tall canvas bags that we shove all his toys in.  It started out as a genius idea in order to be able to put all his toys in one place so we could have out living room be an adult area again after the toddler went to bed.  Somehow, as time has gone on, the toddler only seems to take the toys off the top and doesn’t tip it over like he used to, to find the rest of the toys in there.  The toddler and I started pulling toys out and came across Peekaboo, a character from Twirlywoos (I know sounds crazy and looks it too), but it’s actually one of our favourites and such a cute show.  The toy makes weird cooing type noises, plays the theme tune and simply spins around on the spot.  All of which make it an absolutely hilarious toy to the toddler, which is funny, because until now, it’s a toy that he never really liked.  He was probably a little too young for it, so just kept trying to knock it over, now he understands what it does and can press the button to start it himself.

The toddler and I were so busy playing, we totally forgot the time and didn’t realise how late it was until hubby walked in the door.  After quickly shoving some dinner at the toddler, I put him to bed.  Hubby had bolognese with courgettes waiting for me when I had finished feeding the toddler.  He knew I’d had a tough day so after dinner he made me a cuppa tea and whipped out a packet of milk chocolate digestives, he’s a keeper.



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