4 week holiday bod – Day 4

When the toddler started wailing, hubby groggily asked me what time it was, to which I sleepily but immediately responded 1.36am.  It was not!  Hubby woke me properly with his laughter and as the daylight was pouring in through the curtains, it was evidently not 1.36am.  I grabbed my phone and saw that it was actually 6.15am.  Silly me stayed up until 1am messing about on my laptop and watching Suits long after hubby had dozed off on the sofa, so I was still half asleep now.  I fetched the toddler and brought him into bed for a feed, but very quickly his itchy feet were making it impossible to keep him in bed, so wandered off to explore.  I heard a commotion in the kitchen so got up to investigate.  The toddler was trying to mop the walls, seemingly judging my lack of cleaning skills and taking matters into his own hands.

I decided to workout this morning, as this was legs day, I started with barbell squats, which were new to me, so I used 20kg and did the usual three sets of ten reps.  The weight was definitely pushing me and my legs (as well as the rest of me) were feeling the strain by the end of the first set.  I may have slightly overestimated how much I should start with, but regardless I carried on as I wanted to improve.  The second set was harder and my legs were, a bit shaky by the end, even though I still managed to complete the set.  The final set was much more difficult.  I focused on ensuring I squatted nice and low, to get the most out of each rep and push myself to my limit, but my legs were in agony by the last few reps, and pushing myself from the squat to standing was really tough.  I then moved on to dumbbell lunges with 7.5kg, the first set of ten reps, was absolutely fine.  I had kept the weight at a reasonable level, as I knew these would be hard and didn’t want to break myself.  The second set was a little more of a stretch, as my legs were starting to residually ache from the squats, but I still didn’t have any problems completing the set.  The final set was where my legs really started to hurt, it became really sore to get low down and was a real struggle to get myself back up again.  I was very relieved to finish the session, but still had the HIIT to go.  I was a little short on time so decided to do a 15 minutes 15 exercises HIIT workout video by The Body Coach, rather than the usual 20 minute advanced HIIT I had been doing recently.  I was envisaging that this would be an easier workout than I was accustomed to, how wrong I was.  It was desperate, it was such an intense session with incredibly complicated exercises that kept me on my toes.  I was cursing Joe whilst doing it, but afterwards felt amazing (despite the exhaustion).

IMG_7949.JPGI had a honey protein shake and made some banana and cinnamon pancakes, served with greek yoghurt and apple.  It was a challenge to keep the toddler away, and eventually had to relent and let him steal some of my yoghurt and apple.  I needed to wash my hair and didn’t have time before I needed to take the toddler for his morning walk in the park, so decided to put some tea tree oil and moisturising scalp treatment on my hair.  Of course this meant I looked like a grease ball walking around the park.  Typically, this was the busiest I’ve ever seen the park in the whole 14 months I’ve been walking in it, thank goodness I had my sunglasses on, to at least partially conceal my shame.  I was desperate to get back home and into the shower, so literally ran back the second the toddler went to sleep.  I had a lovely relaxing peaceful shower and really milked this alone time.

The toddler slept for just under two hours, which was great and thankfully I didn’t waste my time waiting for the toddler to wake, like yesterday.  He was in a reasonably good mood, so was happy to occupy himself playing whilst I made some courgette Bolognese for lunch, which was delicious.  The toddler did try a little, but I made some lunch for him anyway, as I wasn’t sure how much of it he would want.  The toddler and I had a nice little afternoon playing at home, then nipped across the road to the park and kicked a ball around for a while before hubby got home.  We needed to be tight on schedule tonight as I was meeting a friend for a drink (for the first time in forever) so I was eager to make sure I got away on time.  I made the toddler a little mini Bolognese with animal shaped pasta for dinner, which he gobbled quickly, he fell asleep quickly after I started feeding him, despite it being a little earlier than usual bedtime.  Luckily he settled immediately, so I didn’t have that horrible scenario of having to prise myself out of his  vice like grip and feel deflated sneaking out the door, still hearing him halfway down the road.  Leaving with him soundly asleep and settled, made the process much less stressful and more enjoyable.

As pilates class is currently on a 4 week hiatus for the summer, I’ve been missing out on this feeling for the last couple of weeks, the feeling of walking out the door, lighter and free.  It made it even better as I was actually (for once) nicely dressed, with hair and makeup done, amazingly actually accessorised and even threw on my beloved leather jacket for a little extra sassiness.

IMG_7183.JPGI met my friend at a local cocktail bar and it was a nice enough evening to sit outside under the fairy lit canopy.  We shared a caraf of red wine and had a serious catch up.  I’ve been pretty awol on the socialising front, given the whole alcohol abstinence during the 90 day plan, so it’s nice to relax my rules a little for one evening and enjoy a nice glass of wine, without feeling the need to repeatedly turn to the cocktail menu.  It’s amazing how not having alcohol regularly has made me appreciate a single glass of wine much more than having a few cocktails.  I actually didn’t stay out too late, as I was aware we were heading to Devon tomorrow to visit the In-Laws, but that wasn’t before a 3 hour bus journey with the toddler on my knee.  It should be good practice for our holiday in a few weeks (eek), I’m not massively looking forward to the bus journey, but maybe it will fly (not likely).  After a lovely walk home listening to some music, I had a very late dinner of piri piri chicken with courgette, which was very tasty.  We sat and watched a couple of episodes of Suits but then hubby fell asleep on the sofa so I decided to crack open the Skinny Tan and give it a go.  I opted for the 7 day tanner as I was going to let it develop overnight and hopefully wake up bronzed to perfection in the morning (or at least that was the plan).  I had exfoliated already earlier in the day, so got on with the application, I used a fun roller, which was like a tiny paint roller with a velvety feel, which was a little difficult initially to get to turn, but once it got going it was very simple to use and made it possible to get the awkward hard to reach places on my back.

IMG_7199.JPGAt one point, hubby woke up to see me standing like a bronzed nude scarecrow, of course that’s nothing unusual in our house so he rolled over and went back to sleep.  By the time I had finished it was after midnight but I wanted to give the tanner a little extra time to dry to avoid messing up my sheets too much.  Finally dry, I manoeuvred myself into bed very carefully and really hoped I looked bronzed to perfection rather than something resembling an oompa loompa in the morning (fingers crossed).




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