4 week holiday bod – Day 7

I was anticipating a lovely long lie in, in the hope the sea and country air would do wonders for the toddlers sleeping habits, how wrong I was.  He woke up at 4.30am! I honestly could have screamed when I reached over and looked at my phone.  Again, as the toddler was already standing up in his cot and staring at me from 2 feet away, there was no escaping picking him up, so I begrudgingly brought him into bed with us and fed him for what seemed like forever.  Finally after reaching a reasonable hour to get up, I prised myself away from the limpet that is the toddler and got ready before heading down to get some breakfast.  It was a lovely morning and looked as if it was going to be a stunning day.  I made the toddler some porridge and got myself some homemade yoghurt with strawberries and blueberries, which was delicious.  I’ve never had homemade yoghurt before, but it was so nice I’m considering getting a maker for myself.

Once hubby’s parents were up and fed, we decided to head to Lyme Regis for a look around the shops and a walk by the beach.  Of course when we got there it was absolutely bunged, so much so we actually had to park in a friends driveway as the car parks were completely rammed.  We decided to split off, the boys heading off for a walk and a coffee, whilst my mother-in-law and I hit the shops (a wise decision for all).  I love all the little boutique shops in Lyme and it was lovely for once to have peace to shop without the toddler (or hubby).  There is a lovely little toy shop which it an absolutely treasure trove, jam packed to the rafters with amazing gorgeous toys.  Of course we had to venture in.  There was a t-shirt that caught my eye, as the slogan “I recycle my tantrums” definitely rings true at the minute.  We picked up some more little toys for my travel packs for the plane journeys, which was great, my stash of items is pretty good now.

IMG_7667 2

After we tired ourselves out dipping in and out of shops and reached the bottom of the hill down to the beach, we walked along the promenade and contacted the boys.  The beach was literally packed, you could barely see a square inch of sand between people, it was that busy.  I gave hubby a call and we went to meet them at a nice beachfront pop up restaurant.  It seems they had been eating ice-cream by the bucket load, so of course I had to partake.  We decided to stay in the air conditioned cool for a little while and rest our weary shopped out selves.  I ordered some honeycomb, salted caramel and mixed berry cream ice cream and it was unbelievably delicious.  All thoughts of diets and watching what I was eating had completely been thrown out the window at this point, as I was just enjoying the holiday feeling.  It was very difficult to keep the toddler from face planting in the bowl, so had to relent and share some with him.  We stayed for a coffee after the ice cream, which was actually lovely after the cold.  Eventually the toddler started to get increasingly mischievous so we decided to get moving.

As the toddler looked longingly at the beachfront, carrying his little plastic bucket and spade,we just knew there was no way it was going to happen.  We decided to head back to the house for lunch and then we would go back to the beach hut in the afternoon and, whilst it was a pebbly beach there, at least it wouldn’t be this packed.  Rather than us all walking up the ridiculously steep hill to the car parked at the very top, hubby’s dad set off alone and would come to pick us up at the bottom of the hill, perfect.  Except we waited, and waited, and waited some more, still no sign.  We were standing outside a pub, in the scorching mid day sun, with the buggy already collapsed in anticipation and the toddler running riot, still no sign of him.  We tried to call him, no answer.  Eventually we got a response and he said he was just getting into the car now and wouldn’t be long.  It turns out the friends who’s driveway we had parked in, were back home again so he ended up getting a tour of their newly renovated house, whilst we baked down the road.  Needless to say the drive home was a bombardment of jokes directed at my father-in-law about whether the beds were comfy etc.

Back at the house, we sat outside and had some more pea and mint soup for lunch, which was lovely and refreshing.  We then got ourselves ready and set off for the beach hut at another local seafront.  The toddler had been given a lovely little all-in-one swimsuit and some little neoprene shoes from his grandparents, so we popped him into these, which looked adorable on him.  Thankfully the toddler didn’t miss the sand, so happily filled his bucket with pebbles and played with them instead.

IMG_8345.JPGHubby was pretty insistent that I went into the sea with him, of course I hadn’t packed any swimwear, so at his request, we headed for the shops and managed to grab a cheap bikini and threw it on.  After hubby going in, in his pants yesterday, it was a relief to see him in his swim shorts today.  He assured me the water was lovely and warm, so I grabbed the toddler and ventured down to the water.  Still holding the toddler, I slipped off my sandals and immediately realised I was absolutely incapable of waking on pebbles barefoot.  The agony! Honestly, how did people do this? It was so sore, I hobbled a few steps then had to borrow my mother-in-laws fit flops, which were tricky enough to get on, trying to balance on one foot with the toddler.  It was still hard to walk into the sea, but now because the flip flops were trying to float off my feet to the top of the water. The toddler was pretty skittish about the water and screamed overtime I lowered him enough to dip his feet into the water.  It was obvious the toddler wasn’t up for it, so I took him back to sit with his granny  and play with the pebbles.  Reluctantly I joined hubby in the water and it was absolutely freezing!  The messer that he is, hubby grabbed me and pulled me into the water up to my neck, whilst I screamed at the shock of the ice cold water.  After letting him swirl me around for a while, in the promise that I would warm up, which I didn’t, I decided to join the toddler on the beach.  That was definitely enough of the sea for me, I’m not a big water lover anyway , so left hubby to his swimming.  I curled up in a towel on the pebbles, enjoying the heat on my back.  The walk back to the hut on the promenade with my sandals on, was just as difficult as walking on the pebbles barefoot, I kept sinking into them and struggled to keep myself upright.

It was lovely to sit on the sun lounger, wrapped in a towel all snuggly for a while, as the toddler played next to me.  Using the modesty curtain in the hut, I changed back into my clothes, very nearly being exposed by the toddler whipping the curtain open at one point.  We packed up and headed back to the house.  The toddler was absolutely shattered from a busy day, so fell asleep on the journey back.  He looked gorgeous asleep with his little swimsuit on.  I managed to extract the toddler from his car seat still asleep, so let him sleep on me for a while, as he barely napped earlier and was shattered.  I let him have an hour before gently waking him, so he could have some dinner and go to bed properly.  IMG_7776 2

For dinner we had chicken with a white wine sauce served with potatoes and purple carrots, which was delicious and I was so hungry I actually forgot to take a photo.  After putting the toddler to bed, we sat and relaxed with a nice glass of red wine, which was a well deserved break after a busy weekend.  We had a very early wake up call the next morning as we were flying to Northern Ireland at the crack of dawn, the trip we were looking forward to, the early start, not so much.



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