4 week holiday bod – Day 9

It was strange waking up in another bed, especially with the distinct lack of hubby.  Thankfully the toddler managed to sleep until 5.40am, which considering he was in a travel cot and different room, was pretty good by my reckoning.  After a feed and some cuddles in bed, we got up and it was only then that I took him out of his Grobag and remembered about his little pink and white borrowed pyjamas, he looked adorable with his rosy cheeks and bed hair.


Two of my three nieces arrived first thing, as it was the last day of the school holidays in Northern Ireland, so they were spending the day with us.  The toddler was in great spirits having his cousins to fuss over him and it actually meant I had time to enjoy my cinnamon porridge in peace whilst they were distracted.  With the toddler happily playing, I even managed to get ready in peace too, I can absolutely see the benefit of having more than one child now.  My mum had arranged for a friend of hers to bring her granddaughter over for a playdate, but it was at exactly when the toddler was due his nap and after the travel antics yesterday, I was keen to keep him on schedule today.  I managed a quick chat with mum’s friend, which was nice because her daughter was actually born in the same hospital in Belgium as the toddler was, so it was nice to compare notes about having a baby in Belgium and how different the system was compared to the UK.  The toddler was starting to get moany, so I bundled him into the buggy and walked towards town.

It was a nice morning, a little on the cool side, but still pleasant enough to walk in.  The toddler was resisting sleep so after taking a long route into town, I ended up making my way to a local park and did circuits of it until he started to drift off, which took over half an hour, a lot longer than usual.  The park was also very hilly, so I was shattered pushing him up and down the inclines, I guess it could count as a little resistance training though.  With the toddler now finally asleep, I had a lovely leisurely walk around the shops, which was nice and relaxing.  There was a great toy shop which had loads of bits and bobs which were very tempting for the toddler’s travel packs, so I made mental notes to come back for them, as I was keen to keep moving now so the toddler had a good solid nap.

Although I did made a pitstop in TK Maxx, as I just can’t resist and actually usually find some little gems in this store.  I had been looking for a lightweight puffy jacked with a hood for quite some time, with no luck, actually the same type of jacket that hubby had left on the bus.  I was flicking through the sporty coat rail and discovered one that looked perfect, except it said size UK 14 on the label, one glance was enough to confirm it was definitely not a size 14.  I put it on and it fitted like a glove, I was thrilled and it was a bargain to boot, so of course I bought it, there was no way I was letting this one go.

With the toddler nearing the end of his usual nap time, I decided to head back to the house as I was getting pretty hungry too.  The toddler woke, just as we were arriving back, which was perfect timing.  I got him some lunch and heated up some homemade sausage rolls for myself, which were delicious, I have a real soft spot for these.  With the visitors gone and one of the girls away at a playdate, it was the toddler and the 5 year old left to entertain.  We played the piano, the toddler had a strum on a guitar and there was lots of running around, shouting and giggling.  They started to flag a little, mid afternoon so we figured it may be time to put on a movie.  I was amazed at how my niece was more capable of using my mum’s new tv than I was.  We settled on Shrek and cosied up on the sofa to watch it, which was lovely, as it’s been a while since the toddler has sat still long enough to concentrate on a movie.

Eventually the kids started to lose interest in the movie, so we decided to go and play with some toys in the kitchen.  It was lovely to see the two kids interact, although the toddler can sometimes be a little too rough, especially when he wants attention, so I feel like I need to be on guard with him, as it’s horrible when he pinches or tries to bite the girls.  I feel so horrible when he does and we’ve tried so many tactics to try to stop him doing it, but nothing has completely worked to date.  I know his teeth are really bothering him at the minute so I think a lot of it is down to him wanting to bite things or people to make relieve his tooth pain, but it’s still horrible and hard to manage.  With the girls back home again, we decided to have a nice relaxing evening.  I put the toddler to bed promptly, so I could enjoy my dinner in relative silence and feel like I still had plenty of the evening to myself, which was nice.  As I sat down to dinner of homemade lasagne, baked potato, broccoli, cauliflower and carrot and parsnip mash, which was huge and lovely, I was anticipating the start of the new series of Bake Off.  Of course, the house phone rang, which I’m not used to anyway, just using my mobile all the time.  So my mum was sitting at the kitchen table stretching the cord from the phone attached to the wall, having possibly the longest conversation ever.  I don’t seem to watch a lot of tv these days other than Suits, so I was excited to watch this and really didn’t want to miss any of it.  It’s funny how only being back for 24 hours can make you completely regress back into the child role as I found myself getting increasingly irritated at the loud phone conversation and started clearing my throat loudly to give a hint I wanted to watch tv.  At long last the conversation ended and I promised my mum I would buy her a cordless phone asap.  Finally able to sit and watch the show in peace, mum decided to make a cup of tea, boiling possibly the loudest kettle known to man.  Eventually I did get to enjoy the show, which was surprisingly good, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much, although I think i’ll enjoy it even more next week in the relative silence of being back home again.



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