4 week holiday bod – Day 10

The toddler woke up at the crack of dawn, otherwise known as 5.30am, well it felt like the crack of dawn considering yesterdays long day with a 4am start.  I decided to let him stay put for a little while, until 6am, when I would go and get him, it’s so easy to be tempted to get him early, but I didn’t want bad habits to return again.  As I lay listening to the monitor, I heard stirrings from across the hall and before I could get out of bed, my mum had gone in to the toddler and got him up.  Ok, change of plan, I happily cosied back under the duvet, safe in the knowledge that my mum was looking after the toddler and that this house was thankfully big enough that it meant I might actually get some extra undisturbed sleep for once.  I had a blissful lie in until the toddler climbed into bed with me for a feed, but I had managed to sleep until 8.30am, which felt like a miracle.  After feeding the excitable toddler, we climbed out of the big bed and headed downstairs, the toddler was bumping down them on his bum, having a whale of a time.  I grabbed some porridge for myself and the toddler, having little and large portions of the same with cinnamon and blueberries.  It was difficult to tear the toddler away from the Duplo house long enough to get him to eat anything.


By the time I finished breakfast and got the toddler and myself ready, it was time for his nap, so like yesterday,  I decided to walk into town to get him to sleep.  I donned my new jacket and headed out, into what turned out to be a surprisingly lovely day.  The sun was beaming and I quickly had to take off my jacket as I was roasting.  I tried a different circuit today and thankfully the toddler fell asleep a little quicker than yesterday, which was a relief.  I moseyed around the shops, but had less interest today, having done multiple circuits around them all yesterday.  Mum was in town having her hair done, so I went to meet her after her appointment and we then met my sister-in-law and littlest niece for a coffee.  Thankfully the toddler slept the whole time, which was great, to be out for a coffee and be able to actually have an uninterrupted conversation.

IMG_7902After coffee, the toddler woke just after we left, so instead of walking home, I decided to get a lift home with mum, which worked out perfectly.  For lunch I had poached egg on toasted french bread, served with bacon and avocado, which was just what I needed.  The toddler had his own little portion and seemed to enjoy the bacon a lot, so much so he felt the need to have a lie down after lunch.  He was so cute snuggling with Paddington on the sofa.

In the afternoon, my sister-in-law and nieces came over after their first day back at school and surprised me with an early birthday cake, as my birthday is on Saturday.  I wasn’t expecting it, so it was a lovely surprise and it didn’t hurt that the chocolate cake was delicious.


In the evening mum was out, so the toddler and I headed over for dinner with my sister-in-law as my brother was working late.  The toddler happily played with the girls and was absolutely mesmerised by their lego, although he is a little young for it so we tried to keep him away from it.  However, when the girls went to bed, the sneaky little toddler climbed up to the table and started playing with the lego hotel.  I watched him closely, but it was obvious he just wanted to play with it rather than try to eat it.  It was amazing to see him meticulously build pieces and use his imagination to play, I was so proud of him looking so grown up.

IMG_8650.JPGFor dinner, we had roast chicken, served with salad, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and parmesan and it was amazing.  I really must roast a whole chicken sometime, as this was delicious.  I’ve always steered clear of cooking whole chicken as I have a thing about meat on the bone (gives me the heebey jeebies) but I think it’s probably time I get over my weirdness about it, given how much more economic it would be.  Of course we did have to have some more cake after dinner, I mean I’m leaving to head back home to London tomorrow, so didn’t want to leave too much cake behind.  It was a lovely evening and I even managed to see my brother when he got home, but I wanted to get the toddler to bed before it got too late.  Back at the house, I put the toddler to bed and enjoyed the silence until mum arrived home from her evening out.  I made us a couple of Disaronno and ginger ale cocktails and we sat down to watch The Age of Adeline, which was so relaxing, I really love that movie and I’ve been missing amaretto for a very long time.



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