4 week holiday bod – Day 12

The toddler was awake bright and early at 6am (I really must change the Groclock to a later time), despite having a very late night due to our delay in getting home.  I was shattered, but somehow managed to get up and bring the toddler into bed for a feed, without falling over.  Eventually, I dragged myself out of bed and made porridge with cinnamon and almonds for myself and the toddler.  I was starving so it disappeared fast. It was already quite late morning, so I quickly got myself and the toddler dressed and we bounded out the door for our first morning walk in the park in a while, which was lovely.  I really miss our little morning walk routine when we’re away, it’s never the same, so it’s nice to be back.  It was also really great to get back to the nicer weather, as it had been changeable in Northern Ireland, so I was glad to get my sunglasses back on again.  The toddler fell asleep quickly, but I was enjoying the fresh air and my intriguing audiobook, so I stayed out for a few more laps.  IMG_7988Back home, I settled down to do some long overdue writing, as I really was falling behind now, which just makes me feel a little anxious, so I was keen to get back on track.  The toddler managed to sleep for just over two and a half hours, which is exactly what I needed, to get myself in a better position with work.  Up from his nap, the toddler was like a bear with a sore head, he lay on the sofa, insisted I put his shoes on him, then pulled the velcro open and screamed that he wanted them off again (how relaxing).  I decided I needed a little pick me up and remembered buying some teacakes in our late night Tesco raid on the way home last night.  I toasted one with lashings of butter (the only way) and sat down with a cup of tea.  Surprisingly, the toddler actually occupied himself long enough for me to finish the lot, what a change.  I realised there actually wasn’t any other food in the house, so grabbed a protein shake while the toddler devoured an apple, core and all, and decided to head out.  I had a few things to return to Westfield, so figured why not today, as we would have a busy weekend ahead.  The toddler spied a Thomas the Tank Engine book, hubby had bought when we were away and insisted on bringing it with him (I love the fact it hadn’t even been given to him yet).

IMG_8913It was late afternoon by the time we arrived at Westfield and hubby rang me, saying he had nipped outside work for a chat.  He was saying he had another hour before he could leave but would try to meet us here, just then I felt someone nudge into my shoulder and I was ready to have a go at them, but I turned and to my surprise it was hubby.  I couldn’t believe it, what a git for trying to fool me, but I was thrilled he was here.  We had a lovely walk around the shops, me returning the items and even having some time to have a look around the shops by myself, which was a treat.  The toddler was in high spirits being allowed out of the buggy to roam free.  We have stopped using the reins quite so much now as he seems to be fighting against them and as he’s a little older we want to encourage him to realise when he needs to stay close and hold our hand, which he’s slowly starting to grasp (no pun intended).  Free to move, he was running wild, dancing around the shop floors to the blaring music, absolutely loving the attention he was getting.

We decided to get back on the tube and head for home before it got too late.  Although off the tube we realised that we needed food for dinner, so we popped to the supermarket to grab some essentials.  Hubby said he needed to grab a few extra things, so I volunteered to occupy myself in TK Maxx, whilst hubby took the toddler with him.  Ah the bliss of searching for bargains alone, whilst hubby was obviously grabbing some last minute items for my birthday tomorrow.  I have become a little addicted to buying workout clothes, especially little crop tops (bizarre for the usually completely covered up me), but I’m feeling increasingly confident in my body again, which is great.  Although I do need to get back into my exercise routine again, as after the weekend, bar one session, it will have been a full two weeks off training (oops).  In my defence, I have been visiting both sets of family and travelling a lot, so haven’t had my usual equipment to hand or much free time for that matter.  I know that this weekend will be a complete write off with my birthday tomorrow and seeing friends on Sunday, but am resolute that I am getting back on the wagon and am going to use these last two weeks before our holiday wisely.

Eventually hubby returned, not remotely trying to conceal the rolls of wrapping paper the toddler was using as a didgeridoo.  Ah well, I’ll just turn a blind eye and go and buy the two tops I had selected from the racks, but was waiting for my purse to return to purchase.  By the time we left the shop, it had turned a little colder, so I was happy to be able to pull out my early birthday gift from my parents-in-law, a gorgeous navy poncho from The Wool Booth, that is so unbelievably cosy and perfect to pull on when it’s not cold enough for a jacket, but it’s just a little cooler, so you want something to cover up with.  IMG_8044Back home, we were trying to get the toddler quickly fed whilst getting him ready for bed, but all he wanted to do was dance about on the sofa in his nappy.  This of course made things so easy for us.  We finally got some food into him and wrestled him into his vest, but then he somehow got his hands on the wrapping paper and started playing it like a didgeridoo again, which was super cute, but not exactly what you’re aiming for when it’s already past his bedtime.  Finally we managed to get him into his pyjamas and I took him off to bed for a feed.

IMG_8912.JPGWith the toddler finally asleep, we sat down to a dinner of pork chops topped with green pesto and cheese, served with mixed peppers and brussels sprouts.  It was much nicer than it looked actually and I really enjoyed it.  I’m loving having pork back in my diet now, I had become so bored living on chicken and beef, so it’s been nice to have a little variety in the meat I eat.  It was pretty late by the time we had eaten dinner, but we still decided we couldn’t resist a sneaky episode or two of Suits, ah well sure it’s nearly the weekend.




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