4 week holiday bod – Day 13

The toddler was up bright and early (as usual), but as today was my birthday, hubby whisked the toddler away, as soon as I had fed him and left me to a couple of extra hours of sleep.  Granted this extra sleep was dotted with visits from the toddler to pester me for no apparent reason, pretty much every 15 minutes (lucky me), so I didn’t actually feel like I had that much of a lie in when I eventually got up.  I was greeted by cheers and a wonderful rendition of happy birthday as I entered the living room, with the toddler screaming and running around in circles in the background.  There was a stack of presents to open and as I did so, the toddler played some background music on his wrapping paper roll didgeridoo, which was music to my ears first thing in the morning.IMG_9054.JPGThe toddler presented me with a bottle of champagne, which he then proceeded to attempt to open, and actually managed to start to peel the foil off before we confiscated it.  Hubby bought me some resistance bands for training, to me they seemed something akin to what you hold on to when you’re waterskiing, but they actually looked quite interesting.  There was a comprehensive pictorial of exercises accompanying the set, so I’m looking forward to giving them a go.  Romantically hubby also bought me a multi charger so I can charge up to 6 items via USB, I’ll take the hint that he’s getting wound up by me always using the chargers to charge my iPhone and Apple watch.  The toddler presented me with a beautifully wrapped gift in pirate birthday paper, which I’m told he chose himself.  Inside was a pair of neoprene shoes for holiday, i’m guessing the boys realised how useless I was walking barefoot on the pebble beach the other week and didn’t want to risk it happening again.  Either way, the toddler and I now both have neoprene shoes, so hopefully we’ll be safe if we step on any jellyfish (hubby, who has none is screwed).  IMG_9055.JPGWe quickly got ready and ventured out for the day.  I hadn’t had time for breakfast as hubby was anxious to get going, so I grabbed a coffee and pain au chocolate at a cafe before hopping on the tube.  I had wanted one of the incredible almond croissants, but as I was staring at the last one on the counter, the girl in front of me in the queue snagged it, I was gutted!  Of course it was the last one they had, so I sulkily took what looked like a ridiculously boring second choice of pain au chocolate, how annoying.  We headed into the city and boarded my birthday surprise of a London bus tour.  I have never done a bus tour of London and kind of like doing them weirdly, I’ve only lived in London for a year and a half now, I still feel quite new in a way, so I figure I can still get away with doing the tour.  As we walked from the tube to jump on the bus at Westminster, the toddler fell asleep, which was perfect, except it meant we had to sit on the lower deck of the bus, kind of defeating the purpose of an open top bus tour, but hey, I’d rather the toddler nap.  IMG_9056.JPGWe took the route around to London Bridge, hopped off and went to Borough Market to visit Bread Ahead, my favourite ever place to get donuts.  They’re literally overflowing with incredibly delectable fillings and they always have a massive bucket of my all time favourite honeycomb to top some donuts with.  Today they serendipitously had a special birthday donut, which was raspberry, blueberry and passion fruit filled and topped with meringue pieces, which I just couldn’t pass up.  I also grabbed a classic vanilla cream donut and cheekily managed to get a huge chunk of honeycomb added on top.  IMG_8126Donuts safely stowed in the buggy, we popped to Rabot 1745, the most amazing chocolate cafe at the edge of Borough Market.  I first went in as it was across the road from Bridget Jone’s flat, and absolutely fell in love with the place.  I had been meaning to take hubby there for ages, but given our health kick, it seemed like a bad idea…until now.  Hubby had no idea what he was in for and boy was he impressed.  He had a 100% hot chocolate and I had a salted caramel hot chocolate, topped with chocolate cream.  We sat outside and hubby honestly couldn’t believe what he was experiencing, the drinks were incredible.  He kept trying to distract me so he could sneak some of my chocolate cream and was already planning our next visit before we had even finished our hot chocolates.  IMG_9057.JPGThe toddler woke just as we had finished our drinks, thankfully not ruining the experience, but he was a little upset, so we decided to get walking.  As it turned out, we also had a boat tour as part of our London tour package, so we took a walk past the Shard, to the river to try to get the boat tour back up the river towards Westminster.  We were running late for lunch, but didn’t want to spend time going in somewhere, so just grabbed a falafel wrap from Pret, then after a lot of walking we finally found the right tour operator.  We were lucky as a boat was just pulling up as we walked down the gangway to the jetty.  The boat was massive and rather old, but had a certain charm to it, we sat in the very front, inside, so we had a lovely view as we leisurely made our way along the river.  It was so peaceful and relaxing and it didn’t hurt that it was a beautiful sunny day.  I’ve been on the clipper up and down the Thames a few times, which I enjoyed, but this was so much nicer, to go at a slower pace and really take in the surroundings was lovely.  IMG_9058.JPGWe finished the boat tour at Westminster so hopped off and headed back to the bus stop, this time to catch the bus for the West End tour.  I may have devoured the birthday donut   whilst waiting, it honestly just jumped in my mouth, absolutely not my doing, but it was flipping delicious.  IMG_9059.JPG

We got on the bus and were able to sit on the upper deck this time, which was gorgeous as it was beaming.  It was a little difficult to keep the toddler under control on my knee, but he was loving the journey, we even managed to get a family selfie with us all looking at the camera (never happens).  We had a nice tour around the West End, got off at Oxford Circus, then just walked around, finally ending up at South Kensington.

IMG_9060.JPGWe were trying to decide whether to go out for dinner in Kensington or to head home and have dinner somewhere closer to home.  In the end we figured it was better to head closer to home, so we weren’t having to travel for ages on the tube to get home with an overtired grumpy toddler.  Off the tube, we grabbed some dinner locally, I opted for a burger (quelle surprise) and tried to wrangle the toddler, who was leaning over his seat and demanding “MILK” from the barman, who funnily enough obliged, thinking it was hilarious and hi-fiving the toddler.  The toddler seemed like he might be coming down with a cold though, as he was a little snuffly and wasn’t really interested in his food.  I enjoyed a lovely prosecco and elderflower cocktail with my dinner and upon hubby’s insistence, ordered a melting chocolate bombe for dessert, which was incredible.  The toddler was getting pretty antsy, so we decided it was time to hit the road.  We walked home and quickly got the toddler changed and into bed.

IMG_9061.JPGWhen I came back from sorting out the toddler, hubby had two champagne flutes and the bottle of bubbly from this morning waiting.  Hubby popped it open and we toasted my birthday, which was lovely.  We were however, feeling rather shattered after a long day and were stuffed from dinner, so found ourselves starting to doze off on the sofa.  We managed to pep ourselves up, fuelled by the rest of the bottle of bubbly and then headed off to bed before I ended up asleep on the sofa, waking up in the early hours with a creak in my neck again.



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