4 week holiday bod – Day 14

The toddler woke at 6.20am and hubby immediately bolted out of bed to go and get him, so he wouldn’t disturb me too much.  He brought the toddler into bed and snuggled him in next to me for a feed, which I sleepily did.  As soon as the toddler pulled away and started squeaking, hubby whipped him away from me and whisked him out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.  He popped his head around the door a short while later and said they would be back at 11:30am, but that he wanted to give me some peace to rest.  If there was anything that would wake me up more than the toddler shouting, it’s the thought of having alone time at home without the toddler around.  I forced myself to put my phone down , but set a realistic alarm, to make sure I got up at a reasonable time and made use of my bonus free time.    I lay in until about 9am, which felt like a real luxury and extra birthday treat.  I got up with a spring in my step and decided to make the most of the silence by doing today’s writing, so I felt free for the rest of the day.

I managed to get loads of writing done before the boys got home, which felt great.  By the time the boys arrived at 11.30am as promised, the toddler was asleep in the buggy, so I quickly grabbed some porridge with cinnamon and flaked almonds, before getting myself ready to go out.  We were meeting friends for lunch around Holland park, so it was a bit of a quick dash to get ready and hop on the tube.  The toddler woke up just as we got off the tube, so he had a shorter than usual nap, which tends to be the norm at the weekends, but at least he managed a nap at all.  We met our friends when we got off the tube and walked to a local pub to grab some lunch.  I opted for a steak and ale pie with steamed vegetables and chips, as I already had a burger last night and much as I was tempted, I figured two days in a row would be a little excessive.  The pie was amazing, I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a pie of any kind, so it made a welcome change to my usual lunches.


We were eating outside on the terrace, so the toddler had plenty of space to roam.  He spent his time climbing up on the bench, leaning over the railings shouting “CHOO CHOO”, stealing chips from our friend’s plate, double dipping (ok much more than double dipping) them in ketchup and smearing it all over his face and clothes.  I was wearing my new puffy jacket, so was literally having to hold the toddler back, when he tried to come at me with his tomato sauce covered hands, which he thought was a hilarious game, so he tried harder to get me.


When it started to rain, we decided to go for a walk through Holland Park and ended up at South Kensington.  We decided to dash into a pub as we were tempted by the 2 for 1 offer on prosecco displayed outside.  We found a high table, next to a games machine, which we figured would keep the toddler occupied, for a while at least.  When we tried to order the prosecco, we were told they had run out (great).  The barman also said the cocktails were 2 for 1 too, but that they were rubbish.  He even came over to our table, went through the cocktail list and told us which ones were rubbish and which ones might be ok, the mention of ‘might’ was enough to put us off.   In the end, we settled on a bottle of red wine between us.  Meanwhile the toddler had pulled a bar stool over to the deal of no deal machine and was having a whale of a time pressing buttons and watching the flashing lights.  It was a little creepy that Noel Edmund’s face was plastered all over the machine, but the toddler was having fun, so we just went with it.  At one point the toddler got so over excited he even managed to topple off the stool, he was absolutely fine and just wanted to get back up again, typical.


After we finished the bottle, we decided to take a walk to find somewhere else to go, as the pub was getting a little busy and the toddler had tired of the arcade game and was now doing laps of the pub, with hubby chasing after him.  It was only a matter of time before the toddler was going to end up in the bucket that was catching the drips from the leaking ceiling, so we figured it best to go.  We walked out into the rain and decided to venture towards a hotel bar our friend knew of.  It was looking rather fancy as we approached so I was getting a little nervous about the prospect of the toddler wreaking havoc in a nice quiet, upmarket wine bar.  It was a nice intimate, cosy bar, so of course any noise the toddler made was amplified, but the few other customers didn’t seem to mind, thankfully.  It was happy hour (more like happy evening), so we were on the 2 for 1 wine, oops.  The toddler was having a great time, running from the bar, into the hotel lobby, grabbing brochures and leaflets from the display stand and bringing them back to our table.  We must have ended up with 20 brochures of the HarryPotter studio tour and a variety of various London bus tour leaflets.

After a few glasses of wine and a good chat with the barman, as the bar was empty apart from our group, we decided to call it a night.  The toddler was getting a little rowdy, so we wrangled him into the buggy and we all walked back to the nearest tube station together.  We were even chatting from opposite platforms until the tube came.  It wasn’t too busy on the tube home and the toddler quickly fell asleep, completely shattered.  We were just getting off at our destination, when I noticed a woman passed out on the tube, with a few men standing around her.  Of course warning signals were going off in my head and I couldn’t walk past, as they seemed to just be standing looking at her and doing nothing.  I left hubby with the toddler on the platform and got back on the train.  The bystanders were muttering to themselves, asking each other if she was ok, but no-one had even checked if she was breathing, had a pulse or was responsive.  I quickly stepped in, trying to rouse her, checking her pulse and breathing.  Thankfully she was breathing, but her pulse was slow and she was completely unconscious.  She wasn’t remotely responding so I checked her eyes and they were rolling around so I called to hubby and the station worker to call an ambulance, either way she needed checked out.  I could smell alcohol on her breath but she was dressed in gym clothes and had a couple of bags with her, so she didn’t look like she was coming back from a night out.  I tried harder to get her to wake up and finally managed to get small responses from her as she started to come around.  She quite scarily, bolted upright and jolted awake, immediately looking for her friend but was cagey when I suggested she call her friend to see where she was.  She was a long way from home, as she had stayed on the train rather than changing to another line, obviously as she had passed out, but was so confused she couldn’t work out how to get home.  A male bystander, started getting very hands on with her, helping her off the train and taking a hoodie frothier bag and helping her get it on, which made me rather uncomfortable.  When she started to get upset, he suggested that he take her back on the tube and would take her home, which in a perfect world is a lovely gesture, but my cynicism figured it was a bad idea.  I asked the guard if there was somewhere she could wait with staff until the ambulance arrived, as I was uncomfortable leaving her with a stranger to get home, thankfully he agreed and took her to wait in the office.  It was a bizarre end to our evening and hubby and I felt very strange walking away, as the girl was obviously incredibly vulnerable.  I’m not exactly sure what had happened, but it seemed like more than the effects of alcohol.  I just hope she got home safely in the end.

As it was now fast approaching midnight, we hurried home and while I put the toddler to bed, hubby rustled up a quick fry up, with sausages, bacon and egg.  I was absolutely starving and it was just what I needed, I just wish I could have eaten a little earlier, as it was midnight now.  We weren’t really in a tv kind of mood now, so just sat and talked for a while, as dinner settled and decided to head to bed shortly after, as it had been a pretty full on day in the end.



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