2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 1

Given that last week was a complete washout in terms of exercise, actually make that the last two weeks, I woke up this morning resolute that I was going to use the next two weeks before our holiday to Australia wisely.  That meant getting my bum into gear and actually making time to fit exercise back into my life again.  Much as I really enjoyed these last two weeks and my time off feeling like I ‘had’ to exercise and I ‘had’ to eat certain things and not others.  Now I was ready to get back into a fitness regime and rather than feeling like I needed to, I felt like I wanted to, which was actually a refreshing change.  After the toddler woke at 6.20am, which was a great lie in, but given he wasn’t in bed properly until nearly midnight, it wasn’t as good as it seemed, so he was still a little cranky when he got up.  Hubby had made me a bit of an exercise plan in terms of weights, so I was planning on starting this today, but we had to get ready quickly and go out, so I would have to work out in the evening instead.

I made myself a stack of banana protein pancakes with flaked almonds (all I had in the cupboard) and they were lovely but a little dry given I didn’t have any yoghurt or fruit to make them a little more palatable.  I jumped in the shower, quickly getting ready as I needed to head out soon.  I was pulling on my favourite pair of ancient skinny jeans, which I had unfortunately ripped a few months back, probably due to them being a little overstretched.  However now, I accidentally pulled on the ripped area as I was pulling them on and made the rip even bigger.  I was devastated as the previous rip was just about manageable, but this one was really pushing it into obscene territory.  Especially given that the rip was parallel to the crotch of the jeans and I was getting increasingly worried about the rip travelling and me ending up in an impossibly embarrassing situation out in public (which knowing me, would totally happen).  Regardless, I didn’t have the time or inclination to change, so I kept the jeans on and prayed they didn’t split further before I made it home again.

I bundled the toddler into the buggy and we hopped on the tube to Hammersmith.  Last week when we had travelled by coach to Devon to visit hubby’s parents, hubby had left his jacket on the bus and after some detective work, I had managed to find the jacket and negotiate with the coach company to send it back on one of the coaches to London.  The coach was meant to arrive mid morning hence why the toddler and I were off to Hammersmith bus station to meet it and hopefully collect the jacket.  I was in a little bit of a rush leaving so took the last remaining pancakes with me to eat along the way.  It was a bit of a miserable day and the leaves on the ground were definitely indicating that Autumn had arrived.IMG_0284

We arrived at the appropriate bus stop at Hammersmith in perfect time to meet the bus, but that bus came and went, as did two more, all of which did not contain the jacket.  Finally another bus came and as I asked the conductor, she said that she had just had a phone call, saying the jacket was on a bus and that it wouldn’t be in London until 1.45 – 2pm.  I thanked her for the information but was inwardly seething that the toddler and I had now been sitting in the draughty station for 45 minutes waiting and now had another two and a half hours to kill before the bus might arrive.  It wasn’t worth trekking home on the tube only to come back again and given the toddler was now overdue his nap, I figured the best thing to do would be to start walking and get him to nap now.  I had a think and realised that Westfield was actually pretty close by, so laid the toddler down in his buggy, put my earphones in and started walking.  It was only about a 15 minute walk to Westfield in the end and thankfully the toddler was asleep by the time we got there.  The only problem was, now I had just over two hours to kill and given that I had been shopping here only a few days ago, I was all shopped out (never thought I’d hear myself say that), so I was’t really interested.  I decided to keep moving as I knew if I sat down the toddler would wake, so I just kept walking.  I wandered in and out of shops, aimlessly looking at things but wasn’t really bothered about buying anything.  I think it was a little too close to our holiday now, so I was more focused on buying some nice unusual things there, than overspending now on things I didn’t need.

After walking around for what seemed like an eternity, I decided to head back towards the station.  I very slowly meandered back the way we came, with the toddler still asleep.  He woke just as we arrived back at the station and was very keen to get out of the buggy, but given I didn’t know how long it would be before the bus would arrive, I decided to keep him in.  I sat at the door and watched as a man got off one of the buses with two massive rucksacks and a few smaller bags in hand.  He spent ages just outside the door, organising his bags whilst smoking.  I was intrigued as he looked very similar to Martin Sheen, around the same kind of age, but wearing shorts and had a very worldly look about him.  He definitely wasn’t your usual backpacker type, which was interesting and definitely looked like he had had an adventurous life.  I love a bit of people watching and found it very easy to lose time imagining what kind of adventure the guy was leaving for or returning from.  Thankfully the bus eventually arrived, after a few false starts and the coat was safely returned, in exchange for a small admin fee which they said would be donated to charity.      IMG_7868 3

I scooted into Tesco at the station and grabbed a few things for the toddler to nibble on, a bread roll seems to be the best thing to keep him quiet at the minute, so I popped one of those in his hands and had peace for a while until mid way through out tube journey home, when an Australian guy across the way started waving and being friendly to the toddler.  So of course his natural reaction was to have a strop and throw the bread roll on the ground.  The guy picked it up and looked at me, unsure whether the 5 second rule applied on the tube, it did not, so the roll was swiftly disposed of.

Thankfully I had a backup banana to keep the toddler busy, which did the trick for about 30 seconds until he got bored and tried to throw that on the ground too.  I managed to grab it before it fell, which of course annoyed the toddler so he stared having a full blown tantrum.  I searched in the nappy bag for something else to occupy him and found a little incy wincy spider board book which has a tiny hole filled with a finger puppet in the middle.  Thankfully this was hilarious to the toddler, except it meant I had to read the book on repeat to him for the rest of the journey and ended up with a sore puppet finger by the time we got home.

After walking home, the toddler became very clingy and just wanted to be everywhere I was and preferably be held by me, very convenient.  He lay on the floor in the kitchen, when I went in to make a very late lunch of scrambled eggs for myself and a cup of tea and following me into the living room, insisted on sitting on my knee when I sat down.  It was nice to have cuddles, but given I had been out all day, I was feeling rather behind in my work, so just wanted to sit down with my laptop and do some work, no chance of that happening.  Instead we spent the rest of the afternoon watching CBeebies and snuggling, mostly against my will.

Whilst the toddler was eating his dinner, I got stuck into my weights session.  Sticking with the normal routine, I started with biceps and triceps, so did barbell curls using 15kg, dumbbell tricep extensions using 7.5kg and barbell bent over rows using 17.5kg.  This new training regime definitely mixed things up a little as I did 3 sets of 9 reps for each exercise.  It was a difficult session and I was definitely feeling the strain of not using weights properly for a week or two, but I was so glad to be back to it now.  I followed the weights with an 8 minute purely abs HIIT session, which I did completely on the floor mat and made up as I went.  I am very aware that I’m going to be going on holiday and in Singapore and Cairns the weather is going to be hot hot hot, so I want to look hot hot hot in my bikini.  I’m definitely going to be focusing on my abs, as I’m really happy with my weight and physique at the minute post 90 day plan, despite my lack of training and focusing completely on my diet in the last couple of weeks, but as I’m determined to look my best, that’s the one area I feel I could still improve quickly.

For dinner I had cottage pie with sweet potato cheesy mash, which was absolutely delicious.  I sat down with my feet up feeling tired but great and watched some Suits to relax.  Next time hubby leaves something on a bus, it’s definitely going to be up to him to get it back.








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