2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 2

The toddler slept until 5.50am, so we left him until 6am when the sun would rise on his Groclock.  He’s actually pretty good with it now, every night when I take him to bed, I set the alarm and we wave bye bye to the sun and hello to the star.  There was a story that accompanied the clock, which is meant to help the child understand, but honestly it’s just too long and actually a little on the flimsy side, so I was scared the toddler would rip it when trying to turn the pages.  I’ve found it’s enough for me to say, when the sun comes out it’s time to get up.  He seems to understand it now, after doing the same routine every night we’re at home.  The toddler was in a brilliant mood this morning as he joined us in bed for a feed and cuddles, he willingly gave me a cuddle and leaned in for a kiss, which was so sweet.  Eventually the toddler started mumbling about choo choos, so I got up and put Chuggington on the iPlayer, which mesmerised him long enough for me to crawl back into our warm bed and close my eyes for a few extra minutes.  The next time the toddler came in, he was demanding milk, so it was properly time to get up now.  This was the earliest I’ve willingly got up in a while and I actually felt really good surprisingly.

With the toddler drinking some milk and pre-occupied, I decided to grab a few minutes and do a little writing, as with being away for a week, I’ve got a little behind with it.  I find it hard to carve out time when I’m away from home and out of my usual routine.  I also don’t want to seem rude, being glued to my phone, which everyone always assumes is just me messing about on social media (which is partially true), but mostly I’m using my phone to write as I usually don’t travel with my laptop.  So much as it was lovely visiting family, it’s also nice to get back into our usual routine again of having peace and actually managing to sit down and write whilst the toddler naps.  Although yesterday this didn’t happen as I was out all day, hence why I’m trying to grab extra writing minutes anywhere I can get them.

I was in the kitchen making the toddler some porridge, when I heard him yelling incessantly shouting “I’M STUCK!”.  Of course motherly instinct kicked in and I dropped everything running into him, he was sitting on the floor at the sofa and was pointing to his ankle, telling me he was stuck.  It wasn’t until I got close, that I could see he had a tiny piece of the ribbon from my birthday presents wrapped loosely around his ankle.  It was laughable, I freed him and off he merrily trotted, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Getting back to finishing off making his breakfast, the next noise I heard was a loud smash on the parquet, it sounded like plastic, so I wasn’t too hopeful.  The unfortunate victim of a toddler thrashing, was the digital baby thermometer, crap!  Trust the toddler to break the one thing we were actually likely to need quite soon, as the toddler was runny nosed and coming down with a cold, if his night of coughing was anything to go by.  Rather than getting my breakfast, I spent the next 20 minutes searching my Amazon account to check when I bought the thermometer, looking up the manual to see if I could fix it and looking online to find the customer support number, surprisingly the phone line wasn’t even open yet as we were up so early, for once.


Finally I managed to get away from the toddler, who just wanted to sit playing with his soft toys, which he had collected from his cot one by one and brought in to the living room.  I made myself some greek yoghurt with cinnamon, flaked almonds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and blueberries, all organised in pretty lines.  It was a really lovely, light, refreshing breakfast, which made a change from the porridge I’d been having recently.  I ate my breakfast whilst the toddler tried to climb inside his drum, which was very entertaining.  Then got myself and the toddler dressed, well tried to get the toddler dressed, but he just wanted to watch Mr Tumble and practice his latest signs, he can now sign “again” and “boat”, which he was thrilled with (as was I).  Finally dressed, I got the toddler into the buggy and thankfully grabbed my coat on the way out the door, as it just started to drizzle as I left.  Despite it being rather dreary and a little rainy, it was a nice refreshing walk around the park, which was the first day of our proper routine since being back and boy did I miss it.  I love having this time to clear my head, wake up properly and listen to my audiobook on audible.  The toddler took a little while to fall asleep, so I had a good long walk by the time I headed home.  I could see an open top rubbish van sitting at the door and a couple of men lingering outside as I went in the door.  I figured it was something to do with the flat below us, the tenants of which had moved out a few weeks ago.

With the toddler asleep and me settled on the sofa, feet up, laptop on and cup of tea to hand, I was ready to knuckle down to do some serious writing and then I heard the crash bang.  I jumped up nearly tossing my laptop on the floor and peered out the window.  The van was now parked below my living room Juliette balcony and I could see someone hurtling objects from the open doors right below me, into the van which was on the grass.  I was shocked at what they were throwing into the van, literally everything except the kitchen sink, but I wasn’t convinced that wouldn’t come at some point.  They were very haphazardly chucking the items in, with total disregard for the flashy looking BMW parked right beside the verged van, half of the stuff would hit the sides, smash and debris would fly everywhere, inside and outside the van.  I was livid, as seemed the rest of the present neighbours as there were many twitching curtains and anyone walking past was throwing looks of distain, but guessing they didn’t fancy confronting two burly men, they left it at that.  They obviously had no regard for the items, or for that matter any concept of value as they were blatantly just chucking everything including valuable items that could easily be sold.  I tried to tune out the noise, but with the place lacking in toddler background noise, there was no chance of that.  Regardless I tried to focus on writing and managed to get some done, between jumping up again to check what had been thrown, when I heard a loud crash.  After sending irritated messages and photos to hubby to vent, finally they jumped in the van and left, leaving behind a trail of destruction in the form of tyre marks in the grass and a sea of debris on the pavement.  Finally I had my silence back again, so started to write, but then remembered about the thermometer and given the toddler is getting sick, I was keen to find out if I would be able to get a replacement or not.  I phoned the hotline and explaining the situation the customer service representative explained that it sounded like a system failure, so gave me the address and instructed me to write a cover letter and package the thermometer up and send it to them for a replacement.  I decided to make the most of the toddler’s absence to get this done now so we could pop to the post office after lunch and get it done and over with, rather than sitting staring at it for a week or two before doing anything.  I started writing the cover letter and halfway through had to stop and stretch my fingers out, it was only then I realised that I can’t honestly remember how long it’s been since I wrote more than a shopping list by hand.  I was actually struggling to comfortably write by the end of the letter, which seems insane, it just shows how much I rely on technology to communicate and write now (she says typing on her MacBook).

The toddler slept for two and a half hours, which was fantastic, especially compared to lately where I haven’t been able to sit down during this time and have had to walk around pushing him in the buggy to keep him asleep.  I have really needed this to recharge my batteries and feel so much better for it.  For lunch I decided to make scrambled eggs with pesto and cheese, served with green beans, with the toddler deciding to be my sous chef, insisting on sitting on the kitchen counter drinking milk whilst I cooked.  He looked adorable with his little milk moustache.  Lunch was lovely and the toddler nibbled on some but didn’t eat much, he’s definitely coming down with a cold, hence why it wasn’t great timing for the thermometer to be out of action.

After lunch, I was busying myself around the flat doing some tidying in the bedroom and the toddler obviously felt tired, as he climbed into our bed and made himself comfortable, snuggling up.  He beckoned me over and wanted me to climb in with him, which of course I did.  After his little power nap in bed, we got our coats on and headed out to go and post the broken thermometer.  We went to a little village area with local shops the opposite direction to the main town area, as really its equidistance either was but as I didn’t need anything from the supermarket I figured I would visit the local post office here instead.  After posting the parcel, I decided to venture into the small local library, which I had joined last year then never returned to.  Walking in, the toddler immediately wanted out of the buggy, so I gave in and he started racing around the place, trying to take books off shelves and shouting.  I managed to quiet him and direct him to the children books, where he discovered a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD and grabbed it, unwilling to let go.  Meanwhile I had found a book I had noticed in a book shop the other week, The Louise Parker Method of fitness, healthy eating and all round optimal lifestyle, which had intrigued me.  I managed to prise the toddler away from the children’s area and went to take out the book and DVD, but when I found out there was a 2 pound charge for DVD rental, it was swiftly prised from the toddler’s vice like grip and returned to the shelf amidst a toddler tantrum.  I could have bought one for not much more, so decided to let that one go.

The toddler insisted on walking home and as we passed our Doctor’s surgery, he shouted ‘daddy’.  A woman was coming out as he was standing there and he began singing, as soon as the woman engaged with him, he started screaming and startled the woman, so much so that she apologised and said jokingly ‘don’t worry, the wicked witch of the west is going away now, nothing to be frightened of’.  I was mortified, as she actually went to cross the road, so I called after her saying that he loves the sound of his own voice but he doesn’t really like being talked to, hoping she wouldn’t take offence, but thankfully she was laughing.

We arrived back home not long before hubby, so whilst hubby got the toddler sorted with dinner, I did my weights session.  It was a little distracting as the toddler was watching Peppa Pig and discovered he could now say ‘bubbles’, which is all he repeated the whole time I was exercising.  Today was chest and shoulders, so I did barbell incline press using 15kg, dumbbell lateral raises using 5kg and Arnold press using 6kg.  As with yesterday’s workout, I did 3 sets of 9 reps, which was hard but great and I really felt it by the end.  The toddler insisted on participating in the session, so I started using him as a weight and lifting him up in the air, which was surprisingly hard on the arms.  The workout was brilliant and I was really feeling stretched afterwards, but I was tight on time as I needed to put the toddler to bed, so didn’t have time for a HIIT tonight.

IMG_0610 2

With the toddler tucked up in bed, it was nice knowing dinner was already made, as there were leftovers from last nights cottage pie, which was just as delicious re-heated.  Hubby and I settled down for a relaxing evening of Suits, managing to finish the sixth season and couldn’t resist carrying on to the seventh, it’s turning into a little bit of an addiction now.




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