2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 3

The toddler managed to sleep until just before 6.30am, which was incredible and so unlike him.  I tried to think of a reason for this, but unfortunately I suspect it was a fluke, just my luck.  The toddler came into bed for a feed and we got up at about 8am, which was lovely and relaxed for once.  I got the toddler some porridge for breakfast and I decided to have greek yoghurt with cinnamon, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, maca powder, blueberries, milled flaxseeds and flaked almonds, all arranged in lines on top of the yoghurt.  I honestly didn’t intend to make such a pretentious breakfast, I was just chucking on whatever I had in the cupboard and thought it would look nicer organised in lines.  It was actually really nice, except I may have added a little too much maca, as it was a little overpowering.  A little too pre-occupied with making my breakfast look pretty, I heard the toddler shout “OH NO”, never a good thing.  I came in to see that he had obviously tried to eat his porridge with his foot, always a great idea.  After I got him cleaned up, he climbed up to the book shelf and grabbed a book, pointing at the cover and shouting “DADA”, the toddler must be aware that hubby has been working out recently as he had chosen a book about an ultra marathon runner with a rather fit looking guy on the front, big compliment to hubby.

For days, I’ve been wanting to try out the other variety of Skinny Tan that I bought, the express 1 hour mousse.  I had tried the 7 day tanner, over a week ago and it was just about fading now.  I was really happy with how it had worked out, but it was obvious I needed to focus more on my legs and paler areas without rubbing it in too much.  I think I used it more like it was a moisturiser than something that should sit on the skin, so was definitely guilty of overworking it.  Lesson learnt, I was desperate to try the newer version, which negated the need to keep it on overnight and was ready to wash off in just an hour.  I decided to have a shower and exfoliate first thing, so that my skin would have calmed down by the afternoon and  I could apply the mousse.  After exfoliating to within an inch of my life, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror, my eyebrows and lashes seriously needed tinted, but as it was so close to our holiday, I was trying to leave it to the last possible minute to get them done, so they would last better for the duration of our trip.  When I don’t have my brows and lashes done or have any makeup on, my brows and lashes look practically translucent.  A look that I naturally sported for the vast majority of my life, until I discovered tinting and realised I didn’t have to look translucent verging on albino.  It was a revelation that only happened when I was at uni studying midwifery and my housemates took pity on poor like ugly duckling me and transformed my eyebrows in a very Pygmalion fashion.  From then on, I used a Benefit brow kit, but it wasn’t until I went to sort a makeup artist for my wedding that I was informed that I needed a brow-intervention and seriously needed sorted.  Bear in mind I had never ever plucked or waxed my eyebrows before, so this was some major work for me.  Three years on, I’m hooked on tinting and shaping my eyebrows (though would never dare do it myself) and lazily only get it done every few months at the most, so most of the time still look like a strawberry blonde version of Bert or Ernie.  Thankfully I have an appointment two days before we leave, so they’ll be tamed for holiday, thank goodness.  IMG_4863

It was fast approaching nap time for the toddler, so I quickly got him ready, into the buggy and off to the park we went.  It was a bit of a blustery day, but was dry, so I still enjoyed my leisurely walk around the park.  The toddler, who had been a little bundle of energy this morning, was flat out, so after another lap, I headed for home.  I managed to get some writing done during the 2 hours the toddler slept, which was great.  The toddler was super grumpy after his nap, which made getting him to eat his lunch pretty challenging, so he ended up munching on some toast.  I decided to use up a browning banana and make myself some banana protein pancakes served with greek yoghurt and blueberries, which was a change  for lunch.  Of course the toddler, who had been uninterested in food, was suddenly super interested in my stack of pancakes, so I did give in and let him have some of my yoghurt as a compromise.  When I went to clear up in the kitchen, I heard the toddler shriek and came back to find he had tipped my bottle of water over the coffee table and floor, oh joy.

I decided to get on and try the Skinny Tan, strategically placed the toddler in the middle of the room, surrounded with toys and scarpered off to strip down and get tanning.  The Express 1 hour mousse was extremely simple to apply and had a really light, nice texture to it.  I quickly slathered myself in it, trying not to overwork it like last time.  Finally covered as evenly as humanly possible, whilst trying to reach your back and looking for white patches in the mirror.  I set an alarm on my phone and found it impossible not to walk around like a scarecrow.  The toddler who was highly amused by my appearance suddenly made a bolt for me and before I could shimmy away, he put his hands on my tummy.  I managed to get him off but he wouldn’t let me wash them properly, so I used my trusty baby wipes instead and prayed he wouldn’t have orange hands in a hour.  I know it said on the box that you could dress after it dried, it was so hard to tell if it was dry or not and I wasn’t keen on staining my clothes, so figured it best to just stay nude for  the full hour.  It’s amazing, how tiring it is keeping your arms up for that long, tanning felt like a workout in itself.

Finally the hour was up and I quickly showered off the excess and got myself properly ready.  It’s amazing how much better makeup goes on with some tan underneath.  I could see that I had still left my legs paler than the rest of me, as my arms were already quite brown from getting the sun, but I definitely need to put a heavier layer on my legs, or possibly do an extra coat on my legs to develop it more.  Other than that the tan was lovely, no streaks and a nicer smell than other self tanners, so I was pleased.  I think the tan will still develop a little more, but initially I’m definitely happy and found this much easier than the 7 day tanner, plus it had the added bonus of lasting up to 14 days.

IMG_5264 3  I think the reason I wanted to occupy myself with the tanning today, was that I was avoiding thinking too much about the appointment the toddler had with the dentist this afternoon.  A few weeks ago, actually the day I finished the 90 day SSS plan, we went out for a nice afternoon walk along the river and the toddler, a little over excited, had tripped and fallen, bursting open both lips.  At the time I had checked him over and he seemed fine, his lips healed quickly and he didn’t seem to be suffering any after effects, thank goodness.  However, I the other week, I noticed a little area of his front left tooth that looked a little discoloured.  I did some investigating, trying my hardest not to lose a finger in the process and definitely noticed what looked to be a very small chipped area on the middle of the tooth’s surface.  I immediately felt terrible, one for the accident ever happening and two for not noticing this at the time as there had been blood.  I made an appointment with my dentist, who was lovely and today was the appointment.  I was feeling super nervous about it and dreaded getting bad news, as I’ve worked so hard to look after the toddler’s teeth.  We walked to the dental practice and I literally felt sick with nerves in the waiting room, I would rather it be me and that’s saying a lot given my slight fear of dentists.  We went in and the toddler sat on my knee as the dentist checked him out.  He was brilliant and even had some instruments that he was allowed to use to look into my mouth, which he loved.  The verdict, yes there was a very small chip in the front of the tooth, but it was very minor, as long as we carried on looking after his teeth as we have been, it would be absolutely fine.  The dentist actually complimented the toddler on his teeth and wanted specific tips from me on how we got him to love brushing his teeth so much, as she was so impressed with them.  I told her about our brush your teeth song, that we made up a long time ago and constantly sang to him to make it fun, but she even wanted to know which toothbrush and toothpaste he used so she could recommend them.  It was so lovely to be genuinely praised for looking after his teeth and be complimented on the way we’ve encouraged him to look after his teeth himself.  It definitely made up for the hard time I gave myself over the chipped tooth, so I walked out with a smile on my face, silently polishing my parental halo.


After the dental triumph, we decided to stay in town until hubby got back from work, so had a wander around TK Maxx.  The toddler was a little over excited and tried to make a break for it, so I ended up chasing him up and down the aisles, though he was smart enough to crawl under the rails to get away, managing to find the toy section, the little monkey.

Once we met hubby, we walked home and after the toddler was in bed, we got on with some basic holiday admin, like am sorting the visas.  I know, I know, we are literally going in less than two weeks and I’ve left it until now to do the visas, but in my defence, you can do them online and it’s been on my to do list, I just haven’t done it yet.  Procrastination over, I refused to eat dinner until I had applied for all three visas and thankfully they were instantly granted, what a relief.  With that out of the way, I could now enjoy my dinner of pork chop, topped with pesto and cheese, served with brussels sprouts and a vegetable stir fry.  After dinner, I sat doing some research and it just hit me, that our trip was really happening, the visas made it reality for me and whilst it was super exciting, I also felt overwhelmingly nervous all of a sudden.  I can only imagine what lies ahead of us travelling with the toddler, but I’m going to do my best to be as prepared as I possibly can be and everything else can just work itself out.



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