2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 4


The toddler woke at 6.15am and I brought him into bed for a feed.  After just over an hour in bed, the toddler started a pillow fight so I happily got up.  I actually felt really great today, with bundles of energy.  I got the toddler some breakfast and some cinnamon porridge for myself as we were low on choice.  I quickly grabbed a shower and stood in front of my jam packed wardrobe literally overflowing with clothes, most of which I never wear anymore.  However, today I was feeling different and wanted to feel good about what I was wearing, so surveyed the rails and came across a pair of skinny black dungarees that I had bought just before the summer, thinking I would wear them all the time, but they really were skin tight and whilst hubby loved that, I hadn’t had the confidence to wear them out in public, that is … until now.  I put on my classic Boden black and white breton long sleeve and pulled the nicely snug dungarees over it.  I felt really good about myself as I looked in the mirror and definitely felt a lot slimmer in them than when I had bought them.  It was time for the toddler’s nap so I got him ready leaving my makeup until I got back and off we went to the park.

It was a really beautiful fresh Autumnal day, which was cool enough for a long sleeve but bright enough for sunglasses.  I had a lovely stroll around the park, crunching the leaves on the ground as I went, it really was a gorgeous day.  The toddler took a little while to get to sleep, so I did a few extra laps to make sure he was properly out, before leaving for home.  Back upstairs, I got on with work, whilst the silence was available.  The toddler slept for an hour and 45 minutes, which wasn’t too bad, but he was super cranky when he woke.  He just wanted to be held, so I tried to put some music on our Amazon Echo to dance to, but it didn’t seem to want to connect properly, so would only play limited samples of songs.  It was rubbish, as I had to constantly ask it to repeat the song, but only got a 20 second exert.  That’s one thing definitely going on my to do list, maybe tomorrow I’ll find a minute to sort it out.  With the toddler point blank refusing to be put down, I decided to grab the Ergobaby carrier from his room and manoeuvre it on, whilst still holding him.  I swung him round on to my back and wriggled him in, he was loving it, clinging on to me like a baby monkey.  He was so happy snuggling into me, that I was able to put my makeup on, without a massive tantrum, hurrah.

After a while, the toddler was awake and calm enough to be taken out of the carrier, not before I did some squats still carrying him though, shame to waste the opportunity for a little extra resistance training.  I settled the toddler down and made some cheesy scrambled eggs with broccoli for lunch, which we shared.  After lunch we scooted into town as there was barely any food in the house and we were having a guest for dinner tonight.  Hubby’s brother was coming over, so I wanted to dash quickly to the supermarket so I had time to do some last minute cleaning before they boys arrived.  We rushed out and into town, whizzed around the shops and hurried back home again.  IMG_1708Back again, I got on with some much needed cleaning as the toddler attempted to get inside his now upturned activity cube, quite successfully I might add.  I have no idea how he didn’t break it, as it was balancing on the wire bead trail on top, which didn’t look massively stable, but I was just happy it was occupying him so I could rush about doing some last minute cleaning.  IMG_9598I moved on to tackle the bathroom, deciding to give the toilet a good scrub, except we have possibly the most impractical toilet brush, ever!  It has a cuboid ceramic base, so the brush handle has a metal square very low down, which makes it near impossible to use (it’s the last time I let hubby choose anything for the house).  I may have been scrubbing a little too vigorously, when the handle snapped and the head of the brush ended up floating in the toilet, oops.  To make it worse, the metal plate then fell off into the toilet and obviously sensing the situation, my Apple watch buzzed to tell me it was time to take a minute to breathe.  After having to fish the brush and piece of handle out of the toilet bowl with a plastic bag, I needed to do more than just breathe.  IMG_9599This morning, hubby had helpfully vacuumed the living room, to lighten my load a little, however, hubby’s version of vacuuming and mine differ slightly.  In his version, he thinks vacuuming the rug in the living room is the same as vacuuming the whole room as I discovered when I found a mass of sunflower seeds scattered under the dining table, which had not been removed by the mornings vacuuming session.  Of course, in my version of vacuuming, I was so annoyed about the lack of proper vacuuming action that I flipping well ended up re-vacuuming (or technically vacuuming for the first time) the entire living room.  IMG_0117Hubby arrived home just before his brother was due to arrive and as soon as he walked in the door, so sweetly, informed me I was dressed like a mime (lovely to see you too).  I took a step back, surveyed myself in the full length mirror and realised I did in fact resemble a mime, oh dear.  Ah well, maybe I’m growing to embrace the mime look, could be a new hobby for me.  Our guest arrived and we kept the toddler up a little longer than usual to have some extra play time with his uncle before I fed and put him to bed.  Hubby made bangers and mash served with brussels sprouts, which was delicious as he made onion gravy too (which I love).IMG_3815We had a lovely evening catching up, as we don’t get to see hubby’s brother very often.  He even offered to babysit for us sometime, although he seemed to be more interested in looking after the toddler during the day, as he said he wanted to take him out and meet people.  I suspect it’s the single man with cute baby pick up situation he’s keen on pursuing.  Funnily enough hubby and I stated that really it’s the evening we could do with a babysitter for.  Still undeterred hubby started painting a rather graphic picture of the required nappy changes during waking hours and by the time hubby mentioned explosive leaky nappies, his brother had backed down, so it looks like we may actually get a night out alone in the not too distant future, ah that’s the dream.







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