2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 5

Given I had fallen asleep on the sofa last night watching Suits (again) and woken up at 3.15am to drag my tired backside into bed, I was not so pleased when the toddler woke at 6am.  Thankfully hubby fetched the toddler and I managed to snooze on a little more whilst he fed.  The toddler was in a boisterous mood, so wasn’t going to let me lie in, unfortunately, so we were up quite early.  The toddler was a little grumpy, as he had been coughing overnight and had woken crying a few times, seems like his little cold has become a bit worse.  As the thermometer was not sent to Braun, I was still awaiting a replacement to arrive, so was keeping a close eye on the toddler, fearing he would get sicker.  He was definitely not himself, so I decided to see if there were any doctors appointments available today.  Thankfully they had a cancellation so managed to squeeze me in at 9.50am.  I got the toddler and myself some cinnamon porridge, which I devoured and the toddler just picked at, which isn’t like him, he normally loves his porridge.

I quickly got ready and sorted out the toddler, then got him into the buggy and headed for the health centre.  It looked pretty dismal outside, so I decided to go with my classic Bertie tan ankle boots, which I love.  We were running a little late, as I usually was when I had a doctors appointment, so decided to run through the park, to save some time.  I also wanted to experiment to see what my fitness levels were like in comparison to before I started any fitness regime.  Previously, if in a rush, I used to run and become incredibly exhausted very quickly, then would take a long time to recover and catch my breath.  This time, I started sprinting, taking deep breaths and felt absolutely fine, actually enjoying it, strangely.  Despite leaving late, we arrived ahead of time for our appointment.  I tried to keep the toddler in the buggy, but he was having none of it, so I let him out and tried to rein him in as he climbed over the chairs.  IMG_0700 2We were seeing the same doctor I had seen before I started the 90 day SSS plan, as I was breastfeeding during it, I needed to get the ok before going ahead.  As soon as I walked into the office she audibly gasped and told me I looked amazing (and she actually said wow), she said she could see I’d lost weight, which was great given I was wearing a loose sweater.  Turning to the toddler, he was delighted to have his temperature checked, as he loves having it done but trying to get him to open his mouth to look at his throat was tricky.  Finally after some tickles, he relaxed his jaw and the doctor had a look.  I explained I was being over cautious, definitely more so than normal, but given we were traveling long haul in just over a week, I wanted to make sure it was nothing that needed any intervention before it was too late.  Thankfully it was just a little virus, that actually seemed like it was on the way out, so we were advised just to keep an eye on him in case it turned bacterial.

After leaving the surgery, the toddler was adamant he wasn’t getting back into the buggy, so I wrestled him into his coat at least and we very very slowly walked up the road, with him trying to push the buggy.  We were approaching a bus stop where a little girl and her dad were sitting.  At a distance, I could hear the little girl say, ‘oh look there’s a baby coming’, pointing to the toddler.  The Australian dad said ‘that’s not a baby, it’s a little girl’, I inwardly grinned as the little girl said, ‘no, it’s a little boy, daddy’, again the dad corrected her insisting it was a girl.  As we got close, they were both surveying us and I glanced at the little girl saying ‘you’re right, he is a boy’, then turning to the dad I said ‘kids don’t judge by the hair’.  As we walked away, I could hear the little girl say ‘see daddy, I told you it was a boy’ and the dad laughed conceding.  Of course, we didn’t get very far, as the kids now started waving at each other, so it was only when they boarded their bus that we actually managed to walk a little further.  I did find the whole gender confusing interesting again, as to me he was wearing boyish clothes, so it seems very obvious now that adults are being drawn to the long hair and associating it with being a feminine trait so judge him to be a girl.  Having previously studied Child Developmental Psychology I was fascinated to see that the little girl was taking a broader picture and obviously looking beyond his hair, I really must read a little more into this area.    IMG_9766At that point it started to rain and given the toddler was already under the weather, I didn’t want him getting drenched through.  I wrangled him into the buggy, with great difficulty, but got him strapped in, in the end.  We walked towards home and by this stage it was nearly his usual nap time, so I figured I would take the longer route home and then loop into the park on my way back, to get him to sleep.  As luck would have it, he fell asleep just as I got to the park, so dipped in and walked along the side before the rain really started to pelt so I just headed home to avoid a good soaking.IMG_9767Back at home, trying to get warmed up, I grabbed some toast and a cup of tea, as was starving after the walk.  The toddler slept for 1 hour 45 minutes, which I was happy with, as I got some writing done whilst he was asleep.  Again like yesterday though, he was super grumpy when he woke up, so I ended up carrying him around and again only being able to listen to samples of music on the Amazon Echo, so I decided enough was enough and resolved to fix it.  I made scrambled eggs with cheese and brussels sprouts for lunch, and whilst the toddler tucked into his mini portion, I ate mine whilst trying to fix Alexa.  I downloaded the app onto my phone as it had been linked to hubby’s phone and Amazon account, but then he realised he accidentally hadn’t cancelled Amazon Prime and given I already had Prime, we didn’t need two.  So he cancelled Prime and somehow also unpaired his Amazon account with the Echo.  I spent ages trying to get it connected to my account and wifi, eventually resetting the router and device then doing a few fiddly steps before it finally paired with my phone and Amazon account.  What a difference, I had forgotten how amazing Alexa was, so immediately put some music on and started experimenting.  It made it so much easier using the app with it, as you didn’t have to voice control everything, which can be a little tedious at times.  The toddler was loving the new music and he and I had a good old dance to celebrate.

I had a few things to do in town, so got the toddler ready, then realised I had left in such a hurry this morning, that I hadn’t put any makeup on.  I had bought a few new products for holiday, so decided to experiment with them.  I had never done the contouring thing before, but was always drawn to those products when looking at makeup, so figured, why not.  I followed the instructions and with the use of my lovely new set of makeup brushes, which were a gift from my sister-in-law, I did the best I could with my limited knowledge of all things makeup.  I was surprisingly pleased with the results, so the contour kit is definitely coming on holiday with us.  Thankfully the rain had subsided and it actually turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon.IMG_9768We did some errands in town, but purposely left it late in the afternoon to go in, so we would meet hubby after work.  We waited at the station for hubby, which actually irritates the toddler, as he just wants to go into the station and get on the tube, so we left quickly when hubby arrived.  Not wanting to waste the lovely evening, we decided to walk to the big park in town and have a walk around.  I may have introduced the toddler to Peppa Pig the other day and it was obvious he was paying attention, as he started jumping in puddles and splashing around, thank goodness they weren’t muddy at least.IMG_9764After the toddler soaked himself with his splashing, we hurried home before he froze and quickly got him fed and ready for bed.  After I got the toddler into bed, I returned to see that hubby had made sweet and sour chicken with a vegetable stir fry and brussels sprouts, which was delicious.  After dinner, I was procrastinating a little too much and watching rubbish on tv rather than getting some essential holiday admin done, so ended up staying up until half one, at least I didn’t fall asleep on the sofa though.




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