2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 6

I got up at 6am with the toddler, who was on fine form.  I brought him into bed for a feed and we managed to, have another little doze as he fed.  Finally we got up, I grabbed some greek yoghurt with cinnamon, sunflower seeds and chia seeds, which was a nice light breakfast.  We got ourselves and the toddler dressed and I packed our stuff as we were going to go swimming just before lunch today at our local pool, which wasn’t massively local, but at least was a long walking distance way.  We got the toddler sorted in his buggy and set off for the next town and the pool.  We timed it right, so the toddler fell asleep on the walk there and stayed asleep for most of the journey thankfully. Unfortunately we did arrive a bit early for the family swimming session, but went on through regardless.  We got ourselves ready, then had a real struggle getting the toddler into his Saltrock all in one suit, as he was screaming and wrestling against us.IMG_2077With the toddler finally dressed, we ventured to the baby pool, but the swim lessons were still in full swing so instead we went to sit on the side of the main pool, whilst hubby did some laps. It was funny as he wasn’t wearing his glasses, so kept popping up to check he wasn’t veering into the next lane. Finally we went to the baby pool and sat on the side watching the end of the classes. The kids were about 3 to 4 years old and I was amazed at what they were doing. The instructor was doing things like sitting them on the side of the pool and splashing them, then getting the kids one at a time to climb on his back and then like a dolphin, diving under the water, so the kid would go down with him and then emerging again second later. It was incredible to watch and made us realise how important it was for us to get the toddler used to the water and eventually do swimming lessons himself.

With the pool now free and the toddler looking quite eager to get in himself, we ventured into the water. The toddler immediately cried and clung to me for dear life. I stood up in the water and eased him down gently but he was having none of it. Finally I sat him on the side of the pool and he started splashing us with water, which he loved. He was giggling and having so much fun, that when I grabbed him and brought him into the water, he just carried on laughing and splashing. For someone who doesn’t like getting water in their face and eyes, this was not something I would have expected to enjoy, but given how much the toddler was enjoying himself, I just went with it.  The toddler motioned to the side of the pool, so I set him on the side, he walked around to the rail and steps into the pool and stood at the top, then did a countdown and jumped into my arms.  It was amazing!  We were so proud of our brave boy and he absolutely loved it, so kept repeating this cycle and giggling as he jumped in.  After a while we decided to have a go at dunking him under the water.  Hubby was braver than me, so he did it and the toddler had a bit of a whinge after, but it really wasn’t too bad and he was back to splashing again nearly straight away.  Eventually, despite still having a whale of a time, the toddler had started to get cold, so we decided to leave it there, but we were thrilled that he enjoyed himself so much.  I’m so glad we decided to go a couple of times before Australia, as we are keen to get him in the pool there, especially in Cairns, as it will be scorching.

This time I had the foresight to go to the pool makeup free and take my products so I could do my makeup afterwards.  This worked out perfectly and meant I was no longer sporting the panda eye look this time.  We decided to walk to the nearest tube station, as hubby was going on and on about the hot chocolate from this time last week, when we went to Rabot 1745 in Borough market on my birthday.  Obviously I was also very keen to return for some more delicious hot chocolate, so wasn’t exactly disagreeing with the plan.  We were starving from the swimming and didn’t want to get on the tube without eating something, so grabbed a quick tomato and cheese pasta salad from a supermarket.  Of course the toddler ended up stealing most of mine so when on the tube, I hid the packet of crisps from my meal deal in the hood of the buggy, so the toddler wouldn’t see and sneakily scoffed them out of sight.  IMG_9265We arrived at Borough Market and before heading to get some hot chocolate, of course I made a beeline for Bread Ahead (my fav doughnut place) and grabbed a salted caramel doughnut topped with honeycomb, it was so sweet that the same girl served me, actually remembered me from last week and asked if I had a nice birthday, now that’s customer service.  With my exquisite doughnut in hand and safely stowed in the buggy for later we  scooted over to Rabot 1745, which was a lot busier than last week, but hubby still managed to grab a table outside whilst I went up to order.  We unsurprisingly ordered the same 100% hot chocolate and salted caramel hot chocolate topped with cocoa whipped cream as last time, just couldn’t resist.  As I was carrying them outside, it started to rain, so I beckoned hubby inside and managed to grab a high table in the corner as hubby manoeuvred the buggy inside.  The toddler insisted on getting out of the buggy and perching on a high stool next to us.  He then stole the tiny spoon for my cream and started to try to eat a smoothie with it, which as you can imagine ended up getting rather messy.  He started to kick off, so we quickly finished our gorgeous drinks and reluctantly left.  IMG_0005.JPGWe decided to shove the toddler in the buggy and walk along the river, of course it then started to rain, but we were wrapped up so didn’t mind it too much.  It was nice to have a relaxing walk along the Southbank, something we love to do as it’s always changing, with something new and different going on.  There was an eye-catching installation of six wooden traditional fishing boats from Lagos, that were all painted differently.  The piece was meant to explore and express life in Lagos, as part of the celebrations marking 50 years of Lagos’ formation as a State.

We continued further along the river and I started getting a little peckish, so couldn’t resist tackling the doughnut that I swear was whispering “eat me”.  The doughnut was incredible but unfortunately the rain started to get heavier, so we decided to cross to the other side of the river and get the tube home.

The tube was pretty busy and the toddler was increasing his volume level as he now had an audience.  He was a bit hyper from lack of a proper nap and hubby and I were tired and a bit frazzled by this stage.  I only noticed the grumpy looking elderly woman doing a crossword sitting opposite us, when she loudly shushed the toddler.  I was completely taken a back, and considering it was a packed train, I just felt so under pressure to keep the toddler quiet and restrained.  I honestly felt like the worst parent ever and the toddler seeming to pick up on my tension, decided to push the boundaries further and become a total nightmare uncontrollably screaming.  Thankfully some other people made “it’s ok” faces and smiled at us, but I still felt so on edge.  Finally the woman left the train and I turned to hubby asking if he could believe the woman actually shushed him.  Typical, he hadn’t even heard it, I figured he was just trying to avoid confrontation, but instead he was just completely oblivious, oh how I wish that could have been me.  Once the tube cleared out the we decided to let the toddler out of the buggy, in the hope he would be a little quieter.  He had taken his shoes and socks off, so it was a struggle to get them on before he manoeuvred himself to the floor.  At least he cheered up, climbing from seat to seat and trying to crawl through the armrest partition between the seats.

We got off the tube and made a quit pitstop at the supermarket on the way home.  The toddler refused to get back into the buggy so was chief basket carrier.  He took it upon himself to start deciding to add things to the basket of his own accord, which was very cute but I sneakily walked behind him, removing the unnecessary items as we went, trying not to let him notice.  When we arrived home there was a package waiting for us, it was the replacement brand new thermometer, which I wasn’t expecting so quickly, given I had only posted it back on Tuesday.  We were just putting away the groceries when the doorbell went, which was weird considering we live in a flat, so it’s always the outside buzzer.  It was the new neighbour who had just moved in below us, handing me a box of Godiva chocolates and introducing himself, which was a first for me, I’ve never been anywhere that a neighbour has done this.  He was keen to find out our son’s sleeping routine as one of his children played the piano and he didn’t want the noise to disrupt the toddler’s sleep, which was incredibly thoughtful.  We didn’t have too long to chat, as the toddler was getting hungry and grumpy, so we said our thanks and got on with sorting out the toddler.

Whilst I put the toddler to bed, hubby had made burgers with brussels sprouts and sweetcorn, which was hearty and warming on a dismal evening like this.  We decided to sit down, relax and watch The X-Factor, which I’m not really a fan of, but I do enjoy the auditions.  We decided to get an early night, after a string of accidental late nights recently, as I’m really finding it too hard to get up in the morning these days and given the toddler didn’t nap much today, I have a feeling he’ll be up at the crack of dawn, again.





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