2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 7

The toddler was up at 6am on the dot this morning and again hubby leaped out of bed to grab him and bring him in to me for a feed, which was much appreciated. I was shattered as I had stupidly stayed up late to catch up with my writing, but at ridiculous o’clock in the morning, the proportion of actual proper writing to procrastination is pretty low on the tangible work front, which is frustrating. After feeding the toddler, hubby, who had gone to bed at a reasonable time, was happy to take the toddler and let me sleep a little more. I caught up on some sleep and eventually dragged my tired self out of bed. The toddler was running riot so I decided to get on with making myself some breakfast, I opted for greek yoghurt with chia seeds, sunflower seeds and cinnamon, which was nice and filling. I did have to share some with the toddler though as he was leering over me, unwilling to take no for an answer, despite me giving him his own little bowlful.

The toddler was in a particularly needy mood, probably because it was the weekend so hubby was around more. He didn’t like that he wasn’t getting my full attention, so he disappeared and then a few minutes later I heard “mama” which got increasingly louder. I went into his bedroom, assuming he was sitting on the glider chair, rocking and moaning for me, like usual, but he wasn’t. I looked around and walking into the kitchen, saw his duvet on the floor, that’s when I realised he was back to his old trick of hiding in the cupboard under the sink. I opened the door and he sat there acting like he was trapped in there, which he wasn’t, it was like Harry Potter under the stairs. I brought him out, but then he would take another strop and he would put himself back in the cupboard again moaning to be let out like a cat.

As the toddler’s nap time approached, hubby said he had decided that he was going to take the toddler for a walk to get him to nap, then I could have the afternoon free to go out and do some writing, if I wanted.  Was the Pope a Catholic?  Of course I wanted a free afternoon to myself to get out, sit in a cafe and do some work, that sounded like absolute bliss to me.  Bar having my eyebrows done every few months, my weekly pilates class and the odd glass of wine with a friend, I didn’t really get any other time to myself, so this was an offer I was not going to pass up.  I hopped in the shower, quickly got myself ready, of course wearing my nice clothes, the clothes I never wear around the toddler as I really don’t fancy grubby hands all over my beautiful dry clean only Reiss items.  I put on my feel good grey Reiss skinny jeans, my comfy Bertie ankle boots, a gorgeous white embossed Reiss Sweater and finished the look off with my beloved French Connection grey cropped leather jacket. I put my earphones in, sunglasses on and felt like a million dollars walking out the door.


I walked into town and passed a few cafes which looked a little too busy to sit with my laptop out and work.  I eventually landed at a local restaurant/cafe/bar which I usually frequent for drinks in the evening, when I rarely do get out.  I was given a nice quiet table tucked away in a corner with a plug to keep me going.  I sat and enjoyed a decaf latte getting down to some serious writing, whilst the hustle and bustle of the busy kitchen was my background noise.  I was completely left alone which was great, no over eager waiting staff hassling me to order more drinks etc, complete solitude, well as much as it can be in a restaurant full of people.


FullSizeRender 567.jpg

Eventually I finished up, left and met hubby and the toddler who had chilled at home for a while then come out to wander around town. We went to the supermarket to get something for dinner and I grabbed a very late lunch on the go of a pesto pasta salad, as I had been so wrapped up in writing, that I had completely missed lunch altogether.  We were starting to walk towards home when it started to rain, just as we were passing a little Japanese patisserie that I love, so we decided to go in for the first time in ages for a latte and one of their beautifully crafted mini cakes.  I opted for a raspberry and pistachio tart, which was so dainty and delicious.  The toddler obviously thought so too as he was hovering next to me, with his mouth as wide open as he could get it saying “ahhhh”.  After he ate plenty of my tart, he discovered the button to open the automatic door, which was on the wall just to the left of me.  He climbed behind me, amusing the girls behind the counter greatly and proceeded to incessantly press the button, making the door go crazy. I had to work hard to get him away from the button and tried to distract him with a carton of coconut water from my bag, this momentarily worked, until I opened it for him to taste.  He made the most sour face and shivered all over in disgust (I’m guessing he wasn’t too fond of it).

After we prised the toddler away from the automatic door button, we walked home and FaceTimed the grandparents in Devon, as it will be difficult to co-ordinate times when we’re in Australia, so we are trying to FaceTime a little more than normal at the minute.  We got the toddler some dinner and I fed and put him to bed, as he was absolutely shattered.  By the time I had sorted the toddler, hubby had made a vegetable and bean stir fry type concoction with brussels sprouts, which didn’t look massively attractive but it actually tasted lovely.  I spent the evening doing research for Australia and thinking about the practicalities of travelling with the toddler and what we still needed to buy before leaving.  I honestly can’t believe it’s a week tomorrow until we leave, these last few months have absolutely flown and all of a sudden I feel totally unprepared.  I have a feeling I’m going to have a very busy week, full of to-do lists, endless laundry and probably packing for everyone.



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