2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 8

The toddler was up at 6am and I was groggy from yet another late night.  I got so immersed in my holiday research last night, that I ended up staying up pretty late and finally crawling into bed after 1am, oops.  It’s not exactly the best way to prepare myself for the lack of sleep i’m going to have whilst travelling to Australia next week, or actually, maybe it is.  Maybe if I’m barely getting any sleep, then any sleep I do manage to get will be a bonus.  Bizarre sleep logic aside, I think I’m going to make an effort to get an early night this evening.  Hubby literally had to resort to pulling me out of bed by my ankles, which didn’t go down too well with me, as I’m sure you’d guess.  Finally up, I got the toddler some porridge and I sat with him as he ate, well mostly I fed him, as he’s going through another of his funny, wanting to be fed phases.

I got myself some greek yoghurt with cinnamon and sunflower seeds, I keep meaning to make another batch of Joe’s granola, but given this time next week, we will be heading off on holiday, I’m not sure it’s worth it now.  I will make a point of making a fresh batch when I get back home again though.  Whilst I ate my breakfast, the toddler was amusing himself with the weights, I had meant to do my session this morning, but given how tired I was, figured it best to leave it until this evening instead.  At least then hubby and I would be able to do them together for added motivation.


As I was up late, it was a bit of a rush to get sorted and out to the park for nap time, but we just about managed it.  For once, the park was absolutely deserted, which was really lovely as the leaves were falling and the light through the trees was just beautiful.  I walked for longer than normal as it was so nice to be completely alone, aside from the now sleeping toddler.  Back home, I settled down to get on with some writing, but the toddler only slept for an hour and 45 minutes, which is a little less than normal for a weekday, so I was a little caught off guard.


Having had a shorter nap than usual, the toddler was in a bit of a grouchy mood, so I sat with him for a while, as he pretend played, making me cups of tea in his little teapot.  It was adorable and really he hasn’t done this much before, so it was lovely to see him quietly playing with something different to his other loud toys.  I made a big batch of scrambled eggs with cheese, served with green beans which the toddler and I shared.  He ate pretty well, which gives me a bit of an indication that he’s getting over his virus and is on the mend, I just hope he’s completely better and on good form by this time next week.  I’ve become accustomed to knowing what the toddler means when he says “oh no”, as I was in the kitchen doing the dishes, I heard the fateful “oh no” and just knew to grab a few things from the top of the washing pile and take them with me into the living room.  Sure enough he had spilled milk all over the coffee table, floor and himself.  As I mopped up the floor with a towel and a pyjama top, the toddler stuck his foot out towards me and moaned.  He literally had teeny tiny splashes of milk on his foot, which he was really bothered about, hilarious considering the mess he’d made.

The toddler took the plastic lid from the box we keep the weights in, propped it against the footstool and tried to very unsuccessfully slide down it.  He got very frustrated, so I pulled out the sit-up bench so he could use it as a slide instead.  He was so cute, climbing up it and scooching down shouting “weeeeeeee” repeatedly.  When he started to get tired to sliding, I got out his musical instrument set, guaranteed to get him in a good mood and keep him occupied for a while.  He assigned me to play the drum and he opted for the bumblebee shaker.  I love how musical the toddler is, he really seems to have good rhythm and enjoys singing and playing instruments.  I can definitely see music featuring heavily in his life and really want to encourage him to possibly play instruments when he’s older, like both hubby and I, there’s certainly plenty of instruments lying around for him to try.    IMG_0019

After the band had finished playing, I got the toddler into the buggy, deciding to pop into town as I wanted to buy a pair of headphones for the plane.  I just had the Apple earphones that come with your phone, but I have ridiculously tiny ears, so would get sore if I wore them too long, especially if I was resting on my ear.  We met hubby at the station on the way past and then went to TK Maxx for a look.  I didn’t find any headphones that I likes, but did see a certain toddler on sale, he was a total bargain.  Instead we went to Argos and I picked up some simple foldable Sony headphones that had great reviews and weren’t too expensive if the toddler broke them.  While I was collecting my item, the toddler was lying on the floor doodling on one of those tiny forms with one of those tiny pencils, it was hilarious.  We stopped by the supermarket on the way home and thankfully they still had free fruit to keep the toddler busy whilst we shopped, but he still insisted on holding the basket, even whilst eating his banana.

Back home again, I was keen to try out my new headphones, whilst the toddler was busy eating dinner, so I put them on and listened to a cover of total eclipse of the heart on my phone, whilst dramatically miming along (for hubby’s entertainment) and dancing (for the toddler’s entertainment).  The toddler was keen to try out my new toy, so I put on some music very low and let him try them on.  He absolutely loved them, I had bought him some random pink unicorn headphones a few months ago, to get him used to wearing them, so he would be happy when it came to the flight use.  However, I’ve been a bit lazy in encouraging him to try them, so I was happy he was interested in mine.


After the toddler ate his dinner, still wearing my headphones, we got him ready for bed and I went off to feed him.  After the toddler was asleep, I went into the kitchen and saw that hubby had cooked the ingredients to cottage pie, so all I had to do was assemble it and put it under the grill the cheese on top.  It was delicious and I was starving, so went down a treat.  I was a little behind in my writing, so I sat down to do a little work, between making lists for Australia and going over everything I still had to do in my head.  Thankfully I stayed awake and managed to get a reasonably early night for once.

IMG_0017 3.JPG


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