2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 9

The toddler was up just after 6am this morning, which was great and I was actually feeling pretty good when I got up, after his morning feed.  After hubby scooted off to work, I decided to work out a little, but the toddler was being a bit clingy so I didn’t think he would stay far enough away from me to let me safely do weights.  Given the sit-up bench was still out, as the toddler was using it as a slide yesterday, I figured I would just do some sit-ups to get me going.  As soon as I lay down the toddler was all over me, quite annoyed that I was lying on his toy.  He started pawing at me and trying to shove me off, but I tried to ignore him and start doing my reps.  As soon as I lifted myself up, the toddler climbed behind me, so I couldn’t properly get back down again.  When I finally managed to scooch him off, he threw a tantrum, as he obviously didn’t like me having all the “fun” on his slide.  I managed to keep the toddler away for 50 reps before he started trying to push me off again, so I figured it best to leave it there.  As soon as I jumped off, the toddler climbed up the bench and just stood there, as if to say it was his turf.


I was in a bit of a hurry this morning as I had a contact lens checkup and eye test less than an hour after the his nap was due.  I figured this would be the best time, as I would get him to sleep as normal then walk there and fingers crossed he would sleep the whole time, or at least that was the plan.  I hurried around getting ready, but took a little time to make some banana protein pancakes with greek yoghurt and sunflower seeds for breakfast, which were absolutely delicious.  While I was busy munching away on my pancakes, the toddler had found his pink unicorn headphones (that were a Primark bargain), put them on and was searching for something to plug the jack into.  He finally found my iPad, which thankfully had no battery, ah which reminds me, I must load it up with apps and tv shows to attempt to entertain the toddler for the flights.  I doubt I’ll get to use it unless he’s sleeping.


I decided to leave a little late for our walk in the park at nap time, as I didn’t want to be out too long before his nap, as I would be tired walking around in circles and also I figured it may help him sleep a little more soundly if he was a little more tired.  We left home only about 15 minutes later than normal and I walked around the park a little first, in the hope he would fall asleep quickly and I would have time to scoot around the shops on my way to my appointment.  Unfortunately he took longer than expected to fall asleep, despite being very close, so in the end I just had to start walking towards town and thankfully he fell asleep on the way.  At least it was a lovely sunny day, so I had a nice leisurely walk, listening to my audiobook, but didn’t have time to look in the shops instead heading straight for my appointment.

I lumbered the buggy up the tiny staircase to the first floor waiting room and spent what seemed like an age flicking through surprisingly up to date home magazines.  It’s the only time I would ever read a home magazine, but I always feel terrible afterwards, gazing longingly at the beautiful interiors.  Finally I was called for my appointment and thankfully the toddler slept in his buggy the whole time I was having my contact lens check.IMG_2174

I had to sit back in the waiting room before I was called for my eye test, which took a long time and the phone was incessantly ringing without being answered so unfortunately the toddler woke up.  He had only had an hour napping so was in a foul mood when he woke up, crying and struggling to get out of the buggy.  I was aware that I was going to be called soon so tried to calm him in the buggy instead, which didn’t really work.  I wheeled the buggy into the small dark room where I had my photographs and peripheral vision test.  Of course the toddler screamed the whole time and at one point the technician brought in a cardboard cut out of a cartoon girl for the toddler to “play” with, the look on the toddler’s face told me he was as creeped out by it as I was.  With the initial tests over, it was back to the waiting room and this time I decided to let the toddler out of his buggy.  He was even given some stickers to amuse him, which seemed to keep him occupied long enough to pass the time until I was called in.  It was a bit tricky to have an eye test with a wriggly toddler on your lap, but somehow we got through it.


We quickly rushed home as the toddler was running seriously late for lunch, no doubt a reason why he was in full tantrum mode.  He was desperate for some milk when we got in the door but insisted on having a saucer for his cup (how cute).  By the time I got the toddler sorted with lunch, I only had time for a quick slice of toast myself as I had to rush straight back out again.  I had made another appointment at the opticians to have a contact lens trial for daily contact lenses, as I currently used monthly lenses.  I figured that whilst travelling to Australia, it would be a nightmare to have to faff about with my lens case and contact solution on the plane, so thought that using dailies whilst I was flying, that could be chucked away could make things a lot easier.

We got ourselves out the door again and headed back into town, feeling very deja vu.  The toddler was much better behaved for this appointment, in that he wasn’t screaming and crying.  However, he was a little mischievous, insisting on getting out of the buggy and pressing buttons on the expensive looking machine (oops).  Thankfully the optician was very good with him and allowed him to press the buttons for her, which was actually really great at keeping him occupied.

We nipped around a few toy shops grabbing some last minute items for the travel packs like a couple of nice colouring in and sticker books about travelling and transport.  I also bought a few little nic nacs like a little magnetic fishing line and a couple of fish to catch, not bad for 60p.  We stopped by our favourite kids charity shop and as soon as we went in, the toddler shouted “BUS” incessantly.  There was a big red playtime bus which had numbers and the alphabet buttons down the side, which you could press.  There were so many options for phonics, letters, quiz and music and the toddler was absolutely loving messing around with it.  I had a quick google and found it was about 20 pounds online, so I figured 6 pounds for it considering it was in good condition, was pretty good.  We had some quiet time in a charity book shop, the toddler making himself right at home, perched on a little stool reading 101 dalmatians.  As we walked into the shopping centre, the toddler still insisting on walking, he strutted ahead of me singing to himself but rather loudly.  A woman pushing a buggy said, well at least that means he’s had a nap today.  I replied that it was only a short nap, hence was he was so hyper, she said her little one hadn’t had a nap yet, so she was feeling stressed.  I said that hopefully this meant he would at least get an early night, to which she agreed.  It’s funny that no matter how much of a nightmare parenting can be sometimes (between all the amazing stuff), it’s exactly the same for everyone and it’s nice to have those little moments of, ‘I know what you’re going through’ even if it’s with a stranger.  The toddler then jumped into a shop, with me following and refused to come out, so after a lengthly stand off, I gave in (toddler 1 – mummy 0).  He then proceeded to start to swing about a fishing net and tried to catch me.  Finally I got the net off him and manoeuvred out of the store.

After a quick dash around the supermarket, we met hubby after work at the station and walked home together.  I think the toddler was shattered from the day and his short nap, as after dinner I could tell he was really ready for bed.  It didn’t take him long to fall asleep whilst I was feeding him and he was completely zonked when I put him down in the cot.  It was nice to have the leftovers from last nights sweet potato cottage pie for dinner, so it was quick and easy.  After dinner, we decided we needed an evening off to relax so as I had recently found out that hubby has never seen Dirty Dancing, I suggested we watch it.  It was only when I was watching it that I realised there was a little resemblance between hubby and a young Patrick Swayze.  Needless to say, hubby loved the movie, of course, I mean who doesn’t.  After the movie, I worked for a bit and hubby dozed off on the sofa so I decided to do a bit of an arts and crafts project for the toddler travel pack.  I will put it all on a separate blog about the travel pack, as there’s far too much to tell now.  Needless to say, I was up until 1am making things and getting everything in order and I have to say, after all this time and effort, if the toddler doesn’t like the travel packs, I think I may actually cry.

IMG_0031 2.JPG



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