2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 10

It seemed like a miracle when I looked at my phone this morning, when I was woken by the toddler chirping my name.  I actually had to sit up and check it again, sure enough it was 6.47am, it may as well have been noon, it felt like such a lie in to me.  I went to get the toddler from his cot and I felt so much love for him as he said “hello mama” and held out his arms for me to lift him.  It’s mornings like this that make me love getting up early with him and starting our day right.  After bringing the toddler into bed for a feed and some lovely cuddles, we got up properly.  I went to make him some porridge and when I came back, he had found my Aveeno moisturiser, had worked out how to use the pump on it and was applying tiny amounts onto his hands and then rubbing them in very gently.  It’s amazing how much kids pick up just from watching us.  I did have to put an end to it when he attempted to taste it though.


With the toddler tucking into his porridge, I decided that I was going to do a proper workout today with weights and a HIIT session.  I went for arms today, so started with barbell curls using 17.5kg, doing 3 sets of 9 reps, which was tough by the end but it felt great to do some weights again.  I then moved on to dumbbell tricep extensions using 10kg and again doing 3 sets of 9 reps, which I found difficult at first as it was hurting my hands to hold the bar of the dumbbell one hand before the other.  On the second set I decided to shift my hands so that they were at the base where the bar and weight met and put my hands flat at either side against the weight.  This made it far more comfortable and meant I was able to focus on lifting the actual weight and my form, rather than how uncomfortable my hands were.  I finished the weights session with barbell bent over rows using 20kg and again doing 3 sets of 9 reps.  This was tough, but I loved the resistance of the weight and much as it was difficult, I didn’t find it was straining me, so I managed to maintain good form throughout.  I followed this with an 8 minute completely abs HIIT, which was totally floor based.  It was incredibly tough and my abs were aching very early into the HIIT, but I knew it was only 8 minutes so persevered and felt exhausted and sore, but amazing afterwards.  The toddler kept me going though as he put his changing mat next to my mat and did the exercises with me.

IMG_0213 2

I had a honey protein shake after my workout and quickly jumped in the shower, before getting the toddler ready to head out for our morning walk.  It was an ok day, when we were in the park but I could sense there was a storm brewing, so didn’t want to linger too long.  As soon as the toddler was asleep, we headed back for home.  I made myself some cinnamon porridge and got on with some writing.  The toddler managed to nap for two and a half hours, which was brilliant as I managed to get some things done around the flat too.  The toddler was in a great mood when he woke up and wanted some toast, so I got him sorted with this and then heard what seemed like a massive downpour outside.  We rushed to the window and saw the torrential rain pelting down outside, I knew it was coming, but it was incredibly heavy.  At that point, I decided that the toddler and I should have a nice quiet afternoon at home.

IMG_2657.JPGI had some leftover sweet potato cottage pie for lunch, which was delicious and I honestly believe it tastes better re-heated.  The toddler and I spent the afternoon all snuggly and cosy on the sofa and for once, I decided to attempt to put something on tv other than CBeebies, so tried 13 going on 30, it’s not a kiddie movie, but is still kiddie like in a way and actually the toddler enjoyed it as did I, a damn sight more than CBeebies.  Tonight was the first pilates class back after the summer break of 4 weeks and honestly I didn’t remember this morning, otherwise I wouldn’t have worked out, as I tended to do pilates on a rest day so I wasn’t pushing myself too much in one day.  Ah well, I guess it will just be an extra workout for me today then, kind of making up for my general lack of proper organised training sessions lately.

Hubby arrived home just in time to help me sort the toddler for bed, then I quickly fed him before I left for class.  Thankfully the rain had subsided by the time I left, but I had my new quilted jacket on just in case.  By the time I was halfway down the road, I could feel that the temperature had significantly dropped and my hands felt absolutely freezing.  I put on some upbeat music to encourage me to walk faster, to try and warm up, but it didn’t help my cold exposed ankles or my legs under my thin leggings.  I finally got to class and thankfully I warmed up once inside.

Pilates class was quiet this week with only five of us, but it was actually great as we tried some new things using the barre and exercise bands, which definitely gave me some ideas of things to try with the bands hubby bought me for my birthday.  We also did quite a lot of abs work, which nearly killed me, as I was still feeling sore after my workout this morning.  It was funny because this was my first class in four weeks, but now I would be missing another 3 weeks during my holiday.  I was afraid I would forget everything I had learnt in class having such a break, but I felt I did pretty well tonight and am apparently ready to progress up to the next level of class.  However, I will stay in this class until I have stopped breastfeeding the toddler, as the next class up is before this one and at the minute it would be impossible for me to feed the toddler to bed and get to class an hour earlier.  So I will wait until we are back from holiday, then I am hoping to gradually stop breastfeeding so then I would be free as hubby could put the toddler to bed and I could get away earlier, as long as hubby is home from work on time.

The walk home was freezing, so I walked incredibly fast and made it home in record time.  Hubby met me at the door and had bacon and eggs waiting for me, which was so sweet as I was starving.  Hubby and I sat down to watch Don’t Tell The Bride on plus one and it was a ridiculous concept of having the bride, groom and wedding guests compete against each other in a race around an inflatable obstacle course in order to win a nice wedding meal.  Saying that, by the end of it hubby and I agreed that it really did look like loads of fun, except I think I would have drawn the line at wearing a white leotard, pink tights and a pink tutu instead of a wedding dress.



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