2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 11

The toddler was up at 5.30am, which felt like torture in comparison to the lovely lie in he had yesterday. Hubby wanted to see if he would settle, but I just couldn’t listen to him calling for us, so broke the rules and went to get him early. I brought him in to bed with us and he settled quickly and had a feed. After a while hubby got up and went for a bath, with the toddler hot on his heels. The next thing I hear is lots of splashing and hubby calling for an extra pair of hands. The toddler had leant over the side of the bath and splashed so much that he had soaked himself through. A quick change of clothes and snuggle to warm him up and he was right as rain again. Hubby was getting the bus this morning a little later than his usual departure time so I figured it would be a good idea to get the toddler and I going, if we got ready and walked him out. I had an ulterior motive as we had completely run out of milk and also I needed to collect a parcel from the post office and they closed at noon, so unless I went first thing in the morning I wouldn’t be able to work it around the toddler’s nap. I quickly made some toast for the toddler, got us both ready and we left on time with hubby. The funny thing was, the bus stop was literally across the road from our place, so it wasn’t exactly far for us to walk hubby, but nevertheless, it got us up and out.


After waving hubby off and the toddler getting a little upset about saying bye bye, I got the toddler into the buggy and we briskly walked into town. We headed straight for the post office depot and after winding around the ground, manoeuvred up and down some tricky steps and through awkwardly placed doors, finally reaching the collection office. It was a parcel from hubby’s parents, I was only expecting a small parcel with one of the toddler’s t-shirts that we had left behind on our last visit, but this was certainly more than a tiny t-shirt. I handed the toddler the parcel to hold, but he looked thoroughly disappointed as we left as it seems he thought he was going to see Postman Pat.


As I was already in town, I decided to make the most of it and have a look around the shops for some last minute holiday items. I popped into H&M at one point, just on the off chance they might still have some summery clothes and I spied a gorgeous scrappy dress with buttons down the front, it was simply gorgeous. I grabbed that dress, a little spaghetti strapped light dress, a khaki mini skirt that was a little bit quirky and asymmetric and a gorgeous grey sweater that was exactly what I was looking for for the plane journey. Meanwhile the toddler had been happily introduced to a bag of mini cheddars and was having a great little time to himself. I picked up some joggers and a cosy top from M&S and by the time I moved onto buying more supplies from Boots the toddler had fallen asleep eating his mini cheddars, the little cutie.


Given that the toddler was now happily asleep, I decided I may as well enjoy the rare peace and quiet shopping and get on with doing the rest of my errands. I had a lovely leisurely stroll through TK Maxx and somehow found some gorgeous joggers that were unbelievably soft and cosy, I couldn’t decide between light and charcoal grey, so figured it best to try them both and see. I also managed to find a gorgeous little pair of what looked like teeny tiny dark blue Roxy shorts, which were so cute. They were in the clearance, so I figured I would pick them up too and give them a go. After being out for a couple of hours, I had done all I needed, including getting lots of the practical items for holiday, so decided to head home, in the hope I could get the toddler upstairs still asleep and manage to squeeze a little longer out of the nap. He was up super early this morning so figured he would be exhausted and might just have a long nap today.

Back home and with the toddler still asleep, it dawned on me that I hadn’t had a proper breakfast other than a few bites of a slice of toast, so I was starving. I grabbed a bowl of greek yoghurt with cinnamon and sunflower seeds and a cup of tea. I then couldn’t resist trying on the new clothes I bought. The dress was absolutely beautiful but skin tight and just about fitted, so I thought I would try to pop back to H&M another time to see if I could find it in the next size up. The khaki skirt that was asymmetric was a very strange design once you got it on and it just didn’t sit right on me, so that one’s going back. Moving on to the joggers, I liked the M&S ones, until I tried on the TK Maxx ones, they were so much softer and cosier, perfect for long haul, so now I just had to decide between the light and dark grey, I tried them with the charcoal sweater from H&M, which was beautiful and so cosy and that decided it, I was going with the light grey, plus they were perfect with my black Nikes. Finally I tried on the Roxy shorts, which surprisingly weren’t as bottom displaying as I had expected and were actually a perfect fit, what a great find.

The toddler finally woke after a 2 hour 45 minute nap, which was incredible, but he obviously needed it after his early morning. Amazingly he was in a fantastic mood, even rarely posing for a selfie, smiling and waving, that’s just unheard of straight after a nap. Whilst I was making the toddler some lunch, I stupidly left the opened parcel within reach. As it turned out, my mother-in-law had not only sent his t-shirt but also a lovely little nautical striped hoodie and a hooded towel, just gorgeous. There was also a postcard written in blue ink, so when I noticed blue on the toddler’s hands, I noticed that the ink on the postcard was now smudged and it didn’t take a genius to work out how. The toddler was indeed caught blue handed and blue tongued too actually.

I had my lunch a little later in the afternoon as I had a very late breakfast and also I was heading out tonight, so wouldn’t have time to eat before I go. I made myself some scrambled eggs with brussels sprouts, which the toddler thought needed some salt, so he insisted on grinding salt on my lunch, until it got to the point where it would be inedible unless I stopped him.

As I had a late lunch, before I knew it, it was time to get the toddler his dinner, as I needed to stick to a strict early bedtime schedule tonight so I could get away on time. When I went to make the toddler his tortellini, I realised all the saucepans were in the dishwasher so had to improvise and use a frying pan, it actually worked out perfectly, I just had to be super careful when tipping the water out. With the toddler munching on his dinner, I quickly got ready before hubby arrived home and took toddler duties. Hubby put him in his pjs and I quickly fed the toddler as long as I could before I had to go, but it was still a little earlier than usual, so for once it was hubby’s turn to put the toddler to bed and he was adorably excited about it. I grabbed my stuff and scooted out the door.


I am on an event mailing list, so heard about a mummy event about style, I didn’t really need any more info, as I was already interested but throw in free wine and cakes and I was clicking confirm before I knew it. The event was being held in conjunction with M&S and a local shopping centre, so I hot footed it there, of course having made a little effort with my attire. I arrived at M&S and popped to the bathroom first, I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror and realised that in my rush out the door, I had only put mascara on my right lower lashes, not my left, so I looked decidedly lopsided. Thankfully I had the idea to scoot to the cosmetics department and managed to find some mascara to fix my mistake, crisis averted.


With both eyes now fully mascaraed, I headed to the event. Whilst some prosecco was being poured for me, I got chatting to a woman, who turned out to be a stylist, a job I would love to do, but I know I would end up spending more on myself than finding clothes for clients. We took our seats and local stylist Tessa Frost from Fig and Frost began an interactive presentation outlining the various body types and how to dress accordingly, then detailed the seasonal categories which are matched to your personality and colour according to how you look when the colours are placed next to your skin, then finally finished with current and upcoming fashion trends. It was a lovely evening which took me back to the times when I did a little work in fashion PR and definitely reminded me of my previous baby free self that loved nothing more than art and fashion. Plus it felt really nice to be out, doing something different, meeting new people and it didn’t hurt that there was prosecco and mini cupcakes.


It was all wrapped up at a very reasonable hour, so I headed home via the supermarket to grab a quick meal for when I got home, as I know for a fact the only thing in the fridge is liver that hubby randomly bought the other day (for what reason, I have no idea) and I sure as hell am not eating that. I opted for spaghetti carbonara, so quickly walked home to get to eat it. Dinner was lovely but I was pretty tired, so just chilled out and decided to try to get an early night as I feared another early wake up call.



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