2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 12

The toddler was up at 6am, I was not feeling quite so perky after another late night writing/procrastinating/doing holiday prep.  It’s so difficult to make myself go to bed at a reasonable time, because I have always loved the peace and quiet that you get late night/in the early hours of the morning.  I find that’s when I can get so much done because I’m properly alone and have a clear head.  The toddler came into bed with us and I fed him whilst trying to futilely get some more sleep, it really wasn’t happening.  By half six, the toddler was raring to go and egged on by hubby, the two of them decided it would be fun to pile on top of me, practically squishing me.

As I was up super early, I managed to do a little work before hubby headed off to work himself, which was great and helped put me slightly ahead for the day.  I made the toddler some porridge, then had to spoon feed him, as he’s still being fussy about feeding himself.  This took ages, so I was starving by the time I was free to make some cinnamon porridge for myself.  The toddler insisted on coming into the kitchen and sitting on the counter, to help me make my breakfast.  I let him sprinkle the dregs of the cinnamon tub onto my porridge and he loved this.  He the took the jar with him, found one of his play teacups and repeatedly pretended to fill the cup with the cinnamon and present it to me. I was required to take it immediately, make slurpy noises, say thank you and ask for more (he would prompt me if I forgot to say anything), it was just adorable the first couple of times, then it very quickly became impossible to actually eat my breakfast with this incessant imaginary tea drinking.

By the time, I managed to break the play tea giving game, it was nearly time for the toddler’s nap, so it was a bit of a rush to get us both ready and out the door in time.  It was a cooler day, so we were both more wrapped up than we have been lately.  Regardless, I actually enjoyed the walk and the toddler was asleep very quickly, so I walked around for a while listening to my audiobook before turning back for home.  The toddler only slept for an hour and a half, which is a lot less than the recent trend, so I was a little disappointed when I heard him cheap “mama”.  I gave him a minute, thinking he would maybe go back to sleep, no such luck.  Surprisingly, he was in a good mood, which isn’t like him when he has a shorter nap, so that was a positive at least.  He led me into the kitchen and demanded some toast and butter, so of course I obliged, I didn’t want to anger the beast.  He kept trying to put his finger in the butter though, so it became a game of me trying to move the butter before he ate it.

After lunch the toddler was in an incredibly good mood, climbing in and out of his high chair by himself and using the plastic lid of the weights box to make a slide against the footstool.  He put his toy train down the slide first to test it out, when launches himself next.  This kept him occupied for a good 20 minutes, whilst I got on with doing some laundry.

I was so busy doing chores that I forgot to get myself some lunch, so quickly made some scrambled eggs with cheese, which the toddler was suddenly interested in.  It’s funny because he asked for a spoon, which I gave him, but when I offered him some eggs he refused, however, when I asked him if he wanted some cheese scrambled eggs, he said yes.  The same thing happened when I asked him if he wanted porridge with cinnamon, he said no but when I said cinnamon porridge, he said yes.  I find it fascinating how such a minor change of word order can seemingly alter his perception of whats on offer and suddenly made it seem more attractive to him.  If I actually find the time I would love to read up about this area, as I find it so interesting to try and understand what the toddler might be thinking.

I had a to do list as long as my arm in terms of holiday items to buy, so figured why not head to Westfield where I could do all I needed under one roof.  I had also bought a dress the other day in H&M which was gorgeous but a little on the tight side, so I wanted to have a look in a bigger store to see if they had a larger size.  We got ready and as soon as we walked out the door, it started to rain.  I wasn’t loving the idea of going back for the rain cover so we decided to brave it, given the toddler was covered by the canopy and the rain was relatively light, I figured we would be ok.  We hopped onto the tube and the toddler went crazy as soon as we got on.  He screamed until I let him out and sat him next to me on the ledge.  He was rather vocal, shouting “choo choo” every time another train went past, thankfully the people around us didn’t seem bothered today, probably as it was Friday close of business.

We got to Westfield, had a quick walk around and scout of H&M, unfortunately they didn’t have the dress in a larger size, so I’ll try the one I have again and see if I can somehow shrink myself to fit into it.  In the main atrium of the shopping centre, there was a massive area which had been transformed into a catwalk then to the side there were areas where professionals were doing beauty treatments, hair and makeup.  Of course I was immediately drawn to this, loving fashion in a previous life (before toddler) and never having much time to spend on myself.  I talked to the girl on the reception desk and she advised me she could get me in for a hand massage, so I told her I was off to meet hubby then would come back.  Off we went to the station to meet hubby and I may have made us walk back rather fast as I was keen to make sure I got my free hand massage now.  I did indeed get my hand massage and a little more, which I will explain in a separate blog as it’s too long and interesting a story to cut short.  Needless to say it was a great day for me.

I grabbed a free tiny can of diet coke as I entered the tube station and nearly choked on how fizzy it was, you can really tell I don’t really take fizzy drinks.  The tube home was packed so it took a lot of distraction to keep the toddler from kicking off, but thankfully we made it home ok.  Back in the house I tripped on a pair of hubby’s massive boots hurting my toe, so was sat with my foot up when the toddler decided to come and join me.  He handed me a drum and drumstick, then gave hubby a xylophone and he sat next to me playing a tambourine, we all sat making terrible music as a family and it was so much fun.  The toddler really loved it and it was lovely to see him so happy.


Whilst hubby got the toddler his dinner, I hunted out the suitcases from the closet in the toddler’s room and came across his Trunkie, which was a gift from hubby’s colleagues when we were leaving Brussels.  As yet we haven’t used it as until now he didn’t have any baggage allowance and usually I was travelling alone with him so it was too awkward for me to carry along with my luggage.  However, finally the toddler was big enough and allowed his own baggage, so it was the perfect time to crack it open.  The toddler now ready for bed, thought this was the best toy and hopped straight on, wheeling around the room.  I can tell this is going to be great for when we’re waiting around in airports and I have a sneaking suspicion that hubby and I will love pulling the toddler around as much as he will like being pulled.

IMG_5473 3

It took a lot of persuasion to get the toddler and Novak the elephant off the Trunki when it was time for bed, but when I did get him off, he pretty much fell asleep as soon as I started feeding him.  With the toddler in bed, we settled down to dinner of sausages and potatoes with onion gravy and sweetcorn, which was really tasty and satisfying.  As it’s getting scarily close to our holiday now, it was more admin for me tonight and an attempt at an early night, as all these really late nights are finally catching up with me.



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