2 week holiday abs countdown – Day 13

The toddler was up at 5.50am this morning, which was alright for hubby who went to bed at 10.30pm, but considering I went to bed just before 3am, I was feeling a little worse for wear.  Hubby brought the toddler into bed and I fed him for a while and had a bit more sleep.  Finally the toddler started moaning at hubby to get up, hurrah, for once he wasn’t pestering me to get up.  So off they went and I lay on a little longer.  I got up soon afterwards as I had an appointment first thing to get my eyelashes tinted and my eyebrows tinted and shaped.  I had left the appointment as last minute as possible so that the results would last as long as possible for the holiday.  I didn’t have time to have breakfast before I left, so would just grab it when I got back.

I briskly walked the short distance to the beauty salon and was there just as they opened.  I was quickly taken through and had a girl I’d never met before doing it, which always makes me a little nervous, but I didn’t have much choice right now.  I lay back and enjoyed the relaxing music and the fact that I would be able to lie here for half an hour and do absolutely nothing, bliss.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the results, I had never seen my upper lashes looking so full, it almost looked like I had eyeliner on as well, they had been tinted so perfectly.  I leisurely walked home and grabbed some greek yoghurt with cinnamon and sunflower seeds for breakfast.  While I sat down to eat, hubby took the toddler out for his morning walk in the park.  We were keen to keep the toddler on schedule in terms of napping, this weekend as we wanted to make sure he was well rested before the holiday.  We decided that we would stay close to home this weekend and just do the essentials for holiday preparation.  I did some writing whilst thy boys were out walking and make more endless to-do lists, I really am a little obsessed with them.IMG_1077 2

The toddler only slept for an hour and a half, which was a little disappointing considering that’s a pretty short nap in comparison to normal.  He was a little grumpy when he woke up, so I had to take a break from working to give him some cuddles.  We got the toddler some lunch and he actually ate loads, which he hasn’t really done lately.  Hopefully this means the virus is totally out of his system now, thank goodness.  Hubby being the gem that he is, suggested that he could take the toddler out for a long walk, to give me peace to get things done, then I could come and meet them in town, as I also had some errands to do.  This was music to my ears, so I jumped at the offer.  Hubby packed the toddler into the buggy and off they happily trotted, I could hear the toddler shouting “bye mama” halfway down the road, so cute.

I got a mountain of work done, made my way through an Everest sized pile of laundry and sorted through all the clothes for packing.  I had such an amazingly productive couple of hours that I nearly forgot to get myself ready and go to meet the boys.  I quickly grabbed some scrambled eggs and brussels sprouts for lunch, so ended up a little late and stupidly forgot to bring the things that I had wanted to return.  I quickly walked into town and met the boys, the toddler of which was in rather a grumpy mood, probably due to his shortened nap.  He insisted on getting out of the buggy then had a raging tantrum on the shoe department floor in Marks and Spencer.  It went on for a surprisingly long time and the toddler kept trying to play hubby and I against each other calling for one, one minute, then the other.  It was a little too much, so eventually hubby just picked him up and carried the thrashing scratching toddler out of the store.  Of course once outside he was all sweetness and light again, asking to be put down so he could walk and even holding my hand and skipping.

IMG_3697 2




We decided to have a look around TK Maxx as hubby was feeling a little light on clothes that were fitting him at the minute, given his amazing new slimmed down figure thanks to the 90 day SSS plan.  We tried to find hubby some new jeans and chinos, with a little help from the toddler, who kept disappearing between the rails then popping out to surprise us from behind the jeans.  As hubby wasn’t getting much peace to browse, I took the toddler off to the toy department and he quickly found a toy keyboard to play, which he absolutely loved.  It was a real task getting him away from it and I may have had to bribe him to get back into the buggy, with the help of a musical Teletubbies toy.

We ended up going around pretty much every shop in the local area, twice, as every time we left a store, we remembered we needed something else.  Hubby finally found the mens department in H&M so we all traipsed around trying to find things, of course he had no idea what size he was now, so we lumbered into the changing rooms with a stack of outfits.  The toddler insisted on going into the cubicle with hubby and opening and closing the door repeatedly, which hubby did not find remotely amusing (I did).  Finally we got him sorted with two new pairs of chinos, joggers and a nice new sweater.  I hopped in after hubby and tried on a few t-shirts for holidays, which were spot on, so they were heaped on the pile too.  I tried to join the H&M club to get 10% discount (never like to pay full price unless there’s no choice), but the app was down so instead the shop assistant gave me student discount which was 20% off, talk about making a bargain hunter happy, I was thrilled with that.

Off we went home, a little later than usual, so it was a bit of a rush to get the toddler his dinner and off to bed asap.  When I returned from putting the toddler to bed there was a plate of sausages and potatoes with onion gravy and sweetcorn, which was just what I needed.  We sat down to watch X-Factor and I couldn’t resist cracking open the bottle of Ginger Beer that I’ve had in the fridge for ages and have been meaning to drink sometime.  It was just nice to relax and unwind, of course whilst writing more updated to-do lists, as our trip really is getting scarily close now.  I’m not sure I can actually believe it.


IMG_0083 3.JPG


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