Australia Holiday – Day 1

It was an earlier wakeup call this morning than I had expected.  Given that I had barely slept at all, it was pretty rubbish to be woken at 5:30am.  By the time I had finished packing last night, I did my fake tan and sat around writing whilst in a squating frog like position it was after 3am before I even got near my bed.  I may have made the fatal mistake of going into the toddlers room to check on him.  Of course he was sound asleep, but was lying very close to his soft toys so I gently removed them and was literally just about to turn and walk away, when he raised his head and looked at me, oh no this wasn’t good.  I backed out regardless and by the time I closed the door to our bedroom, I could hear him wailing.  I could see on the monitor he was standing up and could hear him shouting dada, I guess mama isn’t his favourite person right now, considering she just woke him up.  Finally he lay back down and settled but I was wide awake now and with every little intermittent cry he made, I became more awake.

I went in to get the toddler and was surprised that I actually felt ok.  I remember this feeling from when the toddler was a baby and I was surviving on single hours of sleep here and there.  I had had the equivalent of a power nap, whereas hubby who had slept longer than me, had that annoying amount of sleep where it was more than a nap but not a full nights sleep, so he felt far worse than me.  After feeding the toddler in bed for 20 minutes, he climbed out of bed and when I heard ‘choo choo’, I realised my mistake.  I had stupidly left his Trunki open so he could see all the toys for the plane, oops.  With a bit of distraction from CBeebies, I managed to get the case closed and locked.  It was a far calmer morning than expected.  I managed to wash my hair and get properly ready, rather than having to rush and skip steps.  The toddler was behaving well despite his early rise, which was a real help.  We had made the decision to leave home at 9am and sure enough we were out the door at 9am on the dot, go us.  Despite us just missing a bus as soon as we walked towards the main road, we were still calm and just walked a little further down the road and quickly caught another bus to the station.  We managed to pile with our mass of luggage and then struggled to get it all down the stairs at the station, of which there were many.  We didn’t have too long to wait for the train to the airport and the toddler was busy waving bye bye to all the passing trains, so was happy.

We got to the airport about 3 hours before our flight which was perfect and were happy to see we had been allocated our requested bulkhead seats on the plane.  These are the seats at the front of some sections, which are specifically for children and infants as there is a bassinet which is attached to the wall in front so you can place the baby there when asleep.  For us this wasn’t as option as the toddler is too big, but it did mean more space for the toddler to move about which is ideal.


Our time at the airport went incredibly quickly after security, as this took a while.  The toddler was due his nap, so hubby walked him around the terminal, while I minded the luggage and did a little writing.  After a while hubby came back with a sleeping toddler and some lunch for himself.  I had a few last minute things I wanted to grab so hubby stayed with the toddler and luggage.  I grabbed a new memory card for the camera and some Ella’s Kitchen in case the toddler didn’t eat on the flight.  By the time I returned to hubby with a bag of unnesessary holiday items and a Swedish meatball wrap from Pret, I literally only had time to wolf down my lunch before the gate was called.  Of course in my haste I let a single drip from the wrap stain my new light grey travelling joggers, which bothered me so much and of course a baby wipe wasn’t enough to get rid of it.

We arrived at the gate, me still trying to get over my now imperfect joggers, but considering we were now looking at the massive Airbus A380-800 that would be our home for the next 7 hours, I decided to come out of my grump.  The toddler woke up and was amazed at our plane, as were we.  We were called to board first, which was great and meant we could properly get settled before taking off.  We were sitting in a right hand side bulkhead seat, which was a row of three by a window.  We kept our fingers crossed so hard that we wouldn’t have a third wheel joining our little area and thankfully we were right, so apart from take off and landing, the toddler had his own seat, which was incredible.  This was the bonus of flying off peak.  Quantas were amazing to fly with and everything was incredibly smooth and easy.  As it was a daytime flight going through to evening as we crossed time zones, it did get dark in the cabin at a certain stage, but we just stayed up and played with the toddler.


As we had space in front of us, we were able to have the toddler’s Trunki open on the floor so had access to all of his toys and games to keep him occupied.  Whilst he now had his own to screen and we managed to find some recognisable kids tv shows, he didn’t want to wear his earphones so wasn’t too interested in watching tv.  We had a couple of nappy changes which I did my quick way of using nappy pants and changed him standing up as it’s a nightmare to change a child lying down on a plane.


He snacked on granola bars and items I had brought myself as there was a mix up with our reserved kids meal, so there was no food for the toddler.  However, they did find us a spare adult meal, but he only wanted to eat the bread roll and the top of the apple crumble (at least it was something).


Other than the meal mishap, the flight was relatively painless and easy.  The toddler breastfed quite a lot, which was expected and to be honest I was happy as I didn’t want him getting dehydrated.  He typically fell asleep just as we were landing so I put him in the Ergobaby carrier but we was awake just as we disembarked the plane.  Our buggy was going straight through to Singapore and this was just our stopover in Dubai for 4 hours before our next 7 hour flight to Singapore.  We managed to grab a courtesy buggy as we got off the plane, so this made carrying our hand luggage a little easier.  It was so nice to stretch our legs and get some fresh air, well as fresh as the air in an airport is.


We decided to grab a bite to eat whilst we could, so went to a restaurant and I had Japanese udon whilst the toddler ran riot around the restaurant, completely hyper and overtired.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a meal so fast, just so we could get the toddler out of there before he knocked himself out by running into a table.

We decided to make our way to the departure gate with loads of time to spare and just chill out before our flight.  The toddler was not too amused with this idea, as he just wanted to keep moving, loving going on the little train to the departure area but not loving sitting still at the gate.  I ended up spending twenty minutes doing loops of the moving walkways going on one, then literally getting on the one going back the same way we came, on repeat for twenty minutes.  Of course every time we passed hubby, we had to wave and the toddler shouted “dada”.  This didn’t get tired at all, unlike me.

Thankfully our gate opened and after another twenty minutes of the toddler shouting “plane” at our next Emirates home for 7 hours, we finally boarded.



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